Turkey intends to flood Europe with “refugees” this summer

“Turkey has threatened to renege on a landmark deal to curb illegal migration to the European Union if the bloc fails to grant visa-free travel to Europe for Turkey’s 78 million citizens by the end of June… If Ankara follows through on its threat, it would reopen the floodgates and allow potentially millions of migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East to flow from Turkey into the European Union.”

The above quote is taken from the Gatestone Institute article “Turkey Blackmails Europe on Visa-Free Travel” by Soeren Kern posted yesterday (1).

Adding to the problem is the issue of Turkey’s decades-old quest for membership in the European Union; and as we are further told, “European officials also promised to restart Turkey’s stalled EU membership talks by the end of July 2016, and to fast-track visa-free access for Turkish nationals to the Schengen (open-bordered) passport-free zone by June 30.”

The threat of Turkish membership in the EU is by far the worst. Should that ever happen, Turkey’s almost 80 million people will be able to enter Europe as of right, without having to claim refugee status. And, perhaps in a move to ensure that refugee status is granted, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is quoted as saying that “Democracy, freedom and the rule of law…. For us, these words have absolutely no value any longer.”  It is entirely possible that Erdogan sees a chance to dump his Kurdish problem on Germany…

Turkey’s push for EU membership has been continually rebuffed on the grounds that Turkey is not a democracy, and has little respect for human rights, and this has been greatly worsened recently by Erdogan’s aggressive moves against journalists and the media, and increased authoritariansm in general.

In the extensive evaluation “Turkey and the EU: the pros and cons of membership” (2), we are told that the United Nations Refugee Council is saying that “sending back refugees en masse would be a blatant violation of human rights.” They seem to be deliberately playing right into the hands of the Turks…

And, as Soeren Kern further points out, “European officials alone are to blame for allowing themselves to be blackmailed in this way. In their haste to stanch the rush of migrants to Europe, they effectively allowed Turkey to conflate the two very separate issues of a) uncontrolled migration into Europe and b) an end to visa restrictions for Turkish nationals… Turkish officials, negotiating like merchants in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, are running circles around the hapless European officials.”

The next few weeks could set the scene for Europe to be deluged with tens of millions of Muslims, with the inevitable importation of their brutal and murderous, religiously-based culture.

This would be an assault from which Europe may well never recover; the Moorish conquest of Spain lasted for some 900 years, and Spain had not already been weakened by several decades of Third-World immigration and “multiculturalism”.

Jeff Goodall

(1) – Read “Turkey Blackmails Europe on Visa-Free Travel” here.

(2) – See “Turkey and the EU: the pros and cons of membership” here.