Conservatism is now a weapon in the hands of the Globalists

“Communism, the product of Marxism, sought to expand over the whole world and to impose a top-down governing structure run by socialist elites. Neo-conservatism seeks to establish a New World Order of international free trade, complete with open borders for Western nations for corporations to hire cheap Third World workers, controlled by a small coterie of international elites. In reality, it’s the same totalitarianism in a different colour.”

The above quote is taken from Frank Hillier’s article “The Alternative Right Belongs to the Darwinians” posted by the Council of European Canadians three days ago (1).

Although Hillier doesn’t connect the dots as he describes how different individuals and events have reduced the White race to its present sad state from it’s confident and world-dominating position just a century ago, I am greatly impressed by his work, and it has made some difficult questions fall into place for me. It is a fascinating and enlightening read, and I highly recommend it.

I have spent a number of years wondering why there is no political party for me. Why do I find myself siding with the New Democratic Party (Socialists) on issues such as globalization and the “farming out” of Canadian jobs to Mexico, China, and the Third World? I am an environmentalist, but often see environmentalists using “global warming” as a vehicle to try to take away our rights in order to “save” us, while at the same time, our conservative parties put profits ahead of common sense while gleefully poisoning our seas, atmosphere, and the very land on which we grow our food.

Lunatics all, as I see it…

The federal Conservative Party enters into trade deals that are so disadvantageous as to pose a threat to our sovereignty, and now we see Stephen Harper’s policy of continually sucking up to China being put on steroids by Trudeau Junior as he intensifies the destruction of “Traditional Canada” started almost fifty years ago ago by his late father.

The resulting damage to our environment has been thoroughly analysed and expressed by British Columbia’s environmentally-concerned “Dogwood Initiative” (2), and I suggest you visit their excellent website for in-depth information as to what is happening to our Pacific coast and why.

I once approached the Green Party asking if they were economically conservative, but I never got a straight answer and now I realise that they are so socially liberal that I could never, ever support them anyway. Their mission, other than environmentally, seems to be to destroy Western civilization through vilifying the family unit, and promoting selfish, non-reproductive lifestyles. They can be a useful source of environmental information, but no more.

So, there is nowhere for me to go, at least, not at the moment!

I would dearly love to see an “Alternative Right” political party established in Canada. It is unlikely that such a party could achieve real power under the present circumstances, but as things continue to deteriorate, sooner-or-later there will be a “Trump moment”, something that will infuriate the people and bring them suddenly together in a vengeful desire to see real change.

And it is vitally important that a suitable political vehicle for them be already established and in place when that happy day inevitably arrives.

Jeff Goodall.

(1) – See “The Alternative Right Belongs to the Darwinians” here.

(2) – Visit the Dogwood Initiative website here.

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