“Free speech issues” – April 28th, 2016

Six items in total…

U.S.A: An interesting statement on the government spy programme “PRISM” by internet provider Junk Email Filter

Canada: Calgary man branded as “bigoted” and “racist” after letter to city councillors; task force set up to decide how to protect councillors from “hate mail” in future…

U.S.A: An article by “News With Views” senior political news writer Jim Kouri about Google “censoring” conservative and pro-Trump articles

Europe: “Free Speech Apocalypse” as fears of terrorism and refugees turn countries like Germany, France and Spain into surveillance states

Canada: Even your Final Will and Testament isn’t safe if it offends public policy

Ontario Court of Appeal re-instates “racist will

Overturning of the McCorkill will may go to Supreme Court of Canada

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