Random Quotations – April 30th, 2016

Anti-White racism.

Four items in total; all emphasis added by me…

“If there is a historical weapon more powerful and decisive than guns, it is certainly guilt. Those who seek to conquer will wield the primitive biblical notion of collective guilt as a bludgeon to dampen a rival group’s spirit and their willingness to resist. Guilt is injected like a fatal virus into entire populations to demoralize and weaken them. And at least as far as whites in the West are concerned, it is working like a charm… Without so much as asking a single question, many modern whites have gullibly swallowed a skewed and incomplete historical narrative that depicts them as history’s sole villains and the nonwhite world as innocent, suffering lambs.” – Jim Goad, “Did Africans sell Africans into slavery…”, Taki’s Magazine, March 7th, 2016.

“Anti-racism has become racism with the roles reversed. But the full implications of flipping over the racial meters with black being good and white being evil is that you end up with the same Aryan obsession with racial purity being practiced by people who accuse everyone else of being Nazis… The inevitable outcome of demonizing white people on the purely racial grounds of white privilege was that interracial people would also become victims. And then black people with lighter skin… racism is a pathological obsession with racial purity that can never stop on its own. The reverse version of the one drop rule is that even one drop of ‘white blood’ is enough to transmit the disease of ‘white privilege’.” – Daniel Greenfield, “Interracial White privilege is the Left’s hot new hate”, frontpagemag.com, March 7th, 2016.

“The White people of the South created Segregation to protect their women and children from Black crime. The Jewish-owned liberal news media relentlessly slandered Southerners, calling them ‘racist’ and claiming that Segregation was being used to ‘keep Blacks down’ rather than to contain Black crime… Since the end of Segregation, over 50,000 White people have been murdered by Blacks – more Americans than were killed in the Korean War!!… Why don’t we hear about more of these Black-on-White crimes? Because liberal editors in the mainstream media censor the news of these crimes from becoming national news stories as noted here. There’s even a name for these Black-on-White crimes: ‘Hush Crimes’ because they’re not supposed to get any attention… This is a very real problem that continues to cost the lives of White people to this day… – James Buchanan, “Black serial killer Derrick Todd Lee dies in prison, killed 7 women” – prowhiteparty, March 14th, 2016.

“To ensure that these new residences are family friendly, 500 units must contain three or more bedrooms. Housing access will be encouraged by requiring landlords to consider all sources of income – including public welfare – in assessing tenant creditworthiness. Participants will also receive help with moving expenses and security deposits. And to facilitate integration into new (white) neighborhoods, extensive counseling (called ‘Mobility Counseling Programs’) will teach newcomers about housekeeping and property maintenance, good neighbor skills, financial management and budgeting… Tellingly, when such enterprises are discussed in official reports, the stress overwhelmingly is on the benefits to the recipients and advice on how to overcome (white) public resistance. The unspeakable harsh truth is that these newly relocated inner-city residents will bring their pathologies with them and after a few years the areas surrounding the freshly built homes and Section 8 apartments will resemble dilapidated crime-ridden Baltimore.” – Robert Weissberg, “Obama Administration Sticking it to Whitey” – American Thinker, April 8th, 2016.

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