Posts will stop for a few days, then resume intermittantly

Once again, advancing age and osteo-arthritis are taking their toll, and I am going to hospital soon for a second hip replacement. As long as my knees and other joints stay in good shape, that should be it, as there will be no more hips left to be removed(!)

As it is right now, moving is difficult, I can’t do anything without a walker, and the constant stress and pain of accommodating a hip that seems likely to break spontaneously at any time, are making it difficult to concentrate. This time my house will be occupied in my absence, and arrangements have been made for mail, garbage and anything else that might come up.

When I get back I will try to concentrate on writing original material based on current events, and will also put more time into writing my memoirs. The earlier part of my life includes two years as a “boy soldier” in the Royal Armoured Corps, including the Cuban Missile Crisis, which was a nasty few days indeed. Then Canada, with an almost immediate involvement with Toronto’s street-fighting Edmund Burke Society, including serving as the Press Officer.

Then came six years as a bookkeeper-paymaster in the trucking industry, followed by twenty-five years working for the Metropolitan Toronto Treasury Dept. and the City of Toronto Finance Dept., including twenty years filing grievances for CUPE Local 79 representing Toronto’s inside workers. That included six years as a Steward, and fourteen years on the Local’s Executive Board.

However, my main concern right now is to get through this operation, get home, and recover. With any luck I could have perhaps as many as ten or even fifteen good years before things go downhill again; I hope so, because there will be no light at the end of the tunnel then, as there is now.

I have updated my Will, made arrangements for my cat Digger if anything untoward happens, and that’s it. I will not post anything for a while beyond this Sunday.

Jeff Goodall.