Random Quotations – May 26th, 2016

Five quotations regarding issues of the day and useful background information. Any emphasis has been added by me. -JG.

“(But) the Trudeau government’s approach to immigration rules will almost certainly make things worse. Rather than looking at ways to stop foreigners from snapping up local real estate and driving up home prices, Trudeau is making life easier for foreign immigrant investors… His government is lowering the amount of time an immigrant is required to live in Canada before they can become a citizen. Under the Liberals’ new Bill C-6, Canadian citizenship will be given away to people who have only lived in Canada part-time for three years… This will encourage so-called astronaut families – where the dad lives and works abroad while his wife and children live in Canada, go to public schools and universities, use our health care system and collect government services without paying taxes.” – Candice Malcolm, “Foreign buyers create real estate bubble risk” – Toronto Sun, April 29th, 2016.

“The blunt reality is that Saudi Arabia has grown accustomed to high oil prices. At their current level, the regime is facing a $100 billion budget deficit. The gap has forced the Kingdom to cut subsidies and secure its first outside loan in over a decade… Popular sentiment is rapidly shifting as citizens who once enjoyed cushy jobs are facing uncertain futures. Given the state employs two-thirds of native workers and youth unemployment is approaching 30 percent, the risk of social unrest is rising.” – Vikram Mansharamani, “Saudi Arabia On The Brink” – LinkedIn, April 27th, 2016.

“Britain’s economy is sound. There is no reason for it to be dragged down by the other Europeans. It is far stouter in its anti-terrorist policies than the countries of the continent. Its immigration policies have proven more civilized and it actually has a natural barrier to Europe’s migrant crisis. It is called the English Channel. The channel is apparently even more formidable than Donald Trump’s proposed wall along our southern border. Before Europe’s migrant crisis becomes Britain’s migrant crisis, the British should kick the EU coil.” – Bob Tyrrell, Jewish World Review – “Once Again, Mr. President, You Misspoke”, April 28th, 2016.

“The Obama Administration has consistently demonstrated disregard for the rule of law in asserting that it has the legal authority to unilaterally change the immigration policy of the United States. Rewriting national immigration law requires the full and careful consideration of Congress, not the political will and assertion of one person. As the president himself said numerous times, he alone does not have the authority to grant millions of unauthorized aliens a host of benefits, including work authorization.” – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, quoted by Jeff Dunetz in “Majority of States openly defying Obama’s illegal immigration order”, The Lid, April 16th, 2016.

“Merkel is largely motivated by her East German Communist upbringing. Her Communist ideology is proof against all reason. The collapse of Soviet Russia in 1989 – 1991 with its East European satellites, including East Germany, left her in an ideological void, as an outlander. In her life, there was no ‘yearning to breathe free’ of tyranny. Her desire and career path were to become a member of the East German Communist establishment. How could she ‘relate’ to freedom? There was no way she could truly sympathize with what millions of East Germans wanted and what West Germans had enjoyed for decades. She could not ‘relate’ to it without voluntarily undergoing a philosophical and moral sea change, in her politics and in herself. And that was not going to happen. She was in her mid-thirties when the Berlin Wall came down. Too much energy had been invested in pushing the collectivist line. The girl can’t help herself.” – Edward Kline, “Poisonous peas in a pod” – Family Security Matters, May 3rd, 2016.