Gay & LGBT Agenda – May 31st, 2016

Five examples, all from Canada…

Federal: Government faces “human rights” complaint because sex or gender category on a social insurance number record is set at birth when a number is issued – this “discriminates against transgender persons”

Oshawa: Request for “rainbow crosswalks” turned down as a “visible distraction” – next request will be for “rainbow” planters…

University of Victoria: University women’s centre coordinator identifies self as “Tranny cyborg Hindu woman, a woman with a penis, activist for trans rights, women’s rights, social justice, and anti-violence, anti-racism”

General: “This is the justification promulgated by opponents of inclusive restrooms: Essentially that permitting those who self-identify as female, regardless of biological sex at birth, regardless of actual genitalia, would expose real females to the potential of attack by predatory men dressing up as women.”

Federal: Legislation tabled to extend human-rights protections to “transgender Canadians” – “Canada must do more to fight homophobia and transphobia… gay men still cannot donate blood in Canada”