“I got the flyer. Going to clear out my neighbours’ mailboxes”

“A Toronto woman took it upon herself to censor a pro-life education effort from her neighbors this week… CBC News reports Liz Phillips removed pro-life fliers from her neighbors’ mailboxes after she discovered one in her own. According to police, Phillips’ actions are not illegal because the fliers were not addressed or processed by the post office… The pro-abortion woman said she went around her Roncesvalles neighborhood on Wednesday and removed all the fliers from her neighbors’ mailboxes. She replaced them with her own flier, explaining that she had the pro-life literature at her home for anyone who wanted to see them, according to the report.” (Emphasis added) – “Pro-abortion woman steals pro-life fliers from neighbors Mailboxes” (1).

This is sickeningly typical of the self-righteous pro-censorship “progressive” malcontents out there. I am also including a link to an item in my local newspaper on this issue (2). And, this is the text of a letter I just sent in to my local paper:

“Re ‘Toronto mom rethinks taking pro-life flyers’ (News, June 9th): So, this typically self-righteous liberal ‘progressive’ feels she has the right to intercept other people’s mail because of her self-serving ‘concern for the impact on children’ – ‘(S)he took it upon herself to remove the flyers from mailboxes on her block in her downtown neighbourhood… In their place she left a note explaining her actions and saying she had the flyers at her home if anyone wanted to read them.’ It appears that the material was delivered by young supporters of the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform.  The CCBR paid to produce this material, and delivered it in the reasonable expectation that the recipients, named or not, would receive the material and have the opportunity to examine it. I fail to see how anybody could intercept such material, and in particular remove it from people’s mailboxes, without breaching property rights or committing theft. The police can be disturbingly lenient where minorities or favoured groups (the ‘politically correct’ in this case) are concerned. Time to get back to law enforcement ‘without fear or favour’ you guys; I refuse to believe that there is nothing you can charge her with. Public mischief comes to mind…”

Additionally, according to the lifenews.com story quote above, Phillips replaced the fliers she removed with her own – if so, that kicks giant holes in her claim to be concerned about children seeing “inappropriate images”. And on her Facebook page (3) yesterday at 10:41am she posted “I got the flyer. Going to clear out my neighbours’ mailboxes.” If that doesn’t demonstrate malicious intent, then nothing does…

This story is all across the media barely more than 24 hours after Phillips took off on her self-righteous crusade against free speech, so I rather think we will be hearing a great deal more about it in the near future.

So that’s it for now, and I will re-visit this issue as it develops.

Jeff Goodall.

(1) – See “Pro-abortion woman steals pro-life fliers from neighbors Mailboxes” here.

(2) – Read “Toronto mom rethinks taking pro-life flyers” here.

(3) – See Liz Phillips’ Facebook page here.