Understanding the Orlando massacre

There are so many different aspects to this incident, particularly with regards to the mad rush by self-interest groups to gain political advantage from it, that it is hard to know where to start.

A full and proper understanding of the background, Muslim religious attitudes, and the leftist desire to conflate criticism of attacks on “gays” with “Islamophobia”, is necessary to be able to make any sense at all out of the situation.

Additionally, we are often told that the perpetrators of such crimes are “mentally unstable” or “unwell”, which has the effect of taking the blame away from the Muslim religion.  This ignores the problem of the Muslim tendency towards inbreeding, which can result in significantly lower IQ and mental stability.

Thus, there  is nothing abnormal or unusual about Muslims having mental problems. You can read Dr. Nicolai Sennels’ article “The Problem of Inbreeding in Islam” at the foot of this post; I think you will find it highly informative.

Here are five different articles, each examining the background information and/or offering insight and analysis into this intensely complicated issue.

Jeff Goodall.

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American Thinker: Read “Muhammad and Terror” here.

Catholic News Agency: Read “ACLU lawyers say Christians caused the Orlando shooting” here.

The Occidental Observer: Read “Sunshine Hate: Liberal Responses to the Orlando Vibrancy” here.

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You can read “The Problem of Inbreeding in Islam” here.