Random Quotations – June 21st, 2016

Three Israel-related items… all emphasis added by me.

“I have never believed that the attack on the USS Liberty was a case of mistaken identity. That is ridiculous… I have to conclude that it was Israel’s intent to sink the Liberty and leave as few survivors as possible… What is so chilling and cold-blooded, of course, is that they could kill as many Americans as they did in confidence that Washington would cooperate in quelling any public outcry.” – Admiral Thomas H. Moorer, in a June 8th, 1997 memorandum, quoted by the U.S.S. Liberty Memorial web-site.

“During the Second World War, the Frankfurt School relocated to various campuses in the United States and many became influential in American universities. The Frankfurt School’s studies combined Marxist analysis with Freudian psychoanalysis to form the basis of what became known as “Critical Theory” – the destructive criticism of Western culture, including Christianity, capitalism, authority, the family, patriarchy, morality, tradition, sexual restraint, loyalty, patriotism, nationalism, ethno-centrism, conservatism.” – Australian News Commentary website, “Cultural Marxism destroying Western Culture” – undated.

“There needs to be particular clarity around where criticism of Israel or the Israeli government is legitimate political discourse, and where it crosses the line into antisemitism… Examples of the latter include support for – or failure to oppose – terrorism against Jews; celebration, denial, trivilialisation or revision of the Holocaust; anti-Jewish conspiracy theories; theological antisemitism; and crude stereotypes about Jewish appearance, money or power… We regard as antisemitic any exceptional treatment of Israel, where Israel is uniquely subjected, among all the countries in the world, to hostile behaviours such as denial of its right to exist and boycotts… Labour’s programme of tackling anti-Semitism should be supported by clear rules and guidelines, a strengthened compliance unit, training and an appropriate series of sanctions for those who breach the rules.” – The Board of Deputies of British Jews addressing an inquiry into antisemitism in the Labour Party, quoted by The Jewish Chronicle Online in the article “Labour members ‘in denial’ over antisemitism, Board tells Chakrabarti inquiry” dated June 10th, 2016.