Once in a while something happens that, while it may have little meaning to anyone else, marks an important change in our lives. In this case, I just found that I have been “de-friended” by a Facebook friend I have known for not-quite 40 years. I will call him “DJ”.

I started working for the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto in 1976, and became a member of CUPE Local 79 representing the “inside workers”. I began attending the union meetings right away, as I had a dim view of unions and wanted to see what they were spending my dues-money on. Sometime in 1978, the Treasury Dept. Steward quit, and I took his place.

This had me making common cause with people who were either socialist or communist, and I had to learn to leave politics out of it if I were to be able to serve the members properly. Some of my Brothers and Sisters would work with me for the common good, including some Communist Party members, but many others outright refused.

Tim Maguire, the current President of Local 79, once made a motion to the Executive Board that I be forbidden to file grievances while a member of the Board, but fortunately he was unable to find a seconder.

I was a member of the Executive Board for 14 years, and during that time I filed grievances anywhere and in any Metro Dept. that I felt like, as long as the grievor asked me to do so. This gave me considerable exposure, and greatly contributed to my being elected to the board for seven two-year terms.

Since I was fired for whistle-blowing in June 2000, I have re-established contact with some of those I was able to work with through Facebook, which brings us to today’s events.

‘DJ’ has ‘de-friended’ me perhaps because of my posting a responsive link on his page about Denmark, pointing out how what he considers to be its ‘socialist paradise’ has run the Danes into the ground economically.

He’s just lucky I didn’t post about his entry regarding Paul McCartney singing ‘Yesterday’  while draped in a Rainbow Flag…

In a sense, it’s no great loss. I usually found myself in a state of horrified fascination reading all the sometimes-bizarre crap on his page, and when I started feeling a need to respond to some of it, I figured it might not go well. I’m not much into smug self-righteousness, and I always try to keep my feet on the ground.

Politics is just a part of my identity, and if I had an overwhelming need to ‘belong’ somewhere, I would find something less destructive to devote myself to.

‘DJ’ and I did a lot of stuff in the long-distant past, and in my union days my dislike for socialism had to be put aside because of him and a good many others. That isn’t the case now. I don’t hate ‘DJ’ at all and I wish him well, but I have little patience for 24-hour a day pandering to the leftist ’cause du jour’, particularly when such causes are very often deliberate constructs designed to undermine White civilization and its achievements over thousands of years.

Other Local 79 friends I have are capable of rational thought, but ‘DJ’ seems to have a need to subsume himself into the whole milieu.

I first heard of ‘political correctness’ when Anne Dubas was Local 79 President. We were talking one day, and I said something and she replied ‘That’s not politically correct, Jeff!’ I pondered that, and then told her that ‘I will decide what is politically correct’. How people can subordinate themselves to a political construct is an amazement to me…

So long, ‘DJ’. Look after yourself.

I have formed lasting friendships with other people I worked with through Local 79, and have no wish to lose them. But in the case of “DJ”, the monotonous and never-ending smug political commentary and occasional self-righteous intolerance became just a little too much for me to ignore.

C’est la vie…

Jeff Goodall.