Expressing your opinions by writing letters to the editor…

“Every police force needs to have a strong, vigorously enforced and permanent program, designed to weed out the bullies, the psychopaths and the sadists, who are naturally attracted to police work in the same way that pedophiles are attracted to school yards and youth groups.” (1).

The Toronto Sun won’t publish my letters anymore after I wrote to editor Lorrie Goldstein earlier this year criticizing his and the Toronto Sun’s never-ending bombardment of Holocaust indoctrination.

This has happened before, after I had a letter published, perhaps in error, ending with “It’s no wonder the Palestinians fight back, and more power to them,” in April, 2002.  None of the predictable angry responses to my letter were ever published; it was as if it never happened.

That purgatory lasted a little over ten years, then I went “mainstream” again and Goldstein even let me have a one-time guest column.

So, I am now sending letters to other papers, with some degree of success as shown by the publication of one of my letters in the Toronto Star yesterday. Their editing of my original is minimal…

My advice to anyone who feels strongly about issues is to write letters-to-the-editor, and let your views be known.

Below is a link to a previous post in which I address letter-writing, and how to optimize your chances of success.

Jeff Goodall.

(1) – Read my Toronto Star letter here.

(2) – Read “Some thoughts on writing letters to the editor” here.