Random Quotations about Islam – July 10th, 2016

All emphasis added by me – six items in total…

“All I know is what I told them (police detectives). The worst thing was the way they peed all over her clothes and on her too, and I thought that was one of the meanest things I’ve ever saw done… The little girl had no clothes on. The boys took them off. The littlest boy said ‘we didn’t do it, he told us to,’ pointing to the older boy.” – Leo Hohmann, “Cops, media hide Idaho girl’s sex assault by Muslim migrants”, WND.com, June 20th, 2016.

“Police in West Yorkshire revealed that they are currently investigating 220 alleged cases of child sex grooming in Keighley and Bradford. The cases involve 261 suspects and 188 victims. The revelation came after Keighley’s former MP, Ann Cryer, called for the perpetrators of the crimes to be brought to justice. Cryer suffered verbal abuse and was accused of ‘demonizing’ the Asian community when she began a campaign more than a decade ago to get the authorities to tackle child sex grooming in Keighley.” – Soeren Kern, “A month of Islam in Britain: May 2016” – Gatestone Institute, June 13th, 2016.

“The 57-member-state Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) have been working hard for years to render Islam the only religion, political system and ideology in the world that may not be questioned with impunity. They have tried – and are in many respects succeeding – to ring-fence Islam as a creed beyond criticism, while reserving for themselves the right to condemn Christians, Jews, Hindus, democrats, liberals, women and gays in often vile, even violent language. Should anyone say anything that seems to them disrespectful of their faith, he or she will at once be declared an ‘Islamophobe’.” – Denis MacEoin, “The Impact of Islamic Fundamentalism on Free Speech” – Gatestone Institute, June 19, 2016.

“The ‘Department of Theology’ of the Blackburn Muslim Association ruled that it is ‘not permissible’ for a woman to travel more than 48 miles – deemed to be the equivalent of three days walk – without her husband or a close male relative. The group also ruled that men must grow beards and women must cover their faces. The rulings were accompanied by the catchphrase: ‘Allah knows best’…” – Soeren Kern, “A month of Islam in Britain: May 2016” – Gatestone Institute, June 13th, 2016.

“Angela Merkel, Germany’s Obama, has effectively mobilized an Islamic invasion force into all of Europe. And that mob will serve as a catalyst for implementing martial law when their local police can no longer keep a lid on Islamists’ Neanderthal behavior. Angela’s brave new, open Germany now serves as microcosmic control example for kindred, larger efforts like Obama’s ramming his own Trojan Horse down the throats of a lethargic and unsuspecting America.” – Dave Merrick, “Brexit: The shot heard ‘round the world!” – Canada Free Press, June 24th, 2016.

“The press release announced that police intend to equip young women with wristbands with the slogan ‘don’t touch me’. This will happen over the summer, at festivals and other events for young people. ‘By wearing these wristbands,’ Sweden’s police chief said, ‘young women will be able to make a stand’… It is unclear how effective the wristbands, which read ‘don’t touch me’ in Swedish, will be in preventing attacks, as the majority of sex attack perpetrators are thought to be recent migrants who are unlikely to be able to read them.” – Virginia Hale, “Police Launch ‘Don’t Touch Me’ Wristbands to Stop Migrant Sex Attacks in Sweden” – Breitbart, June 30th, 2016.