Hungary to hold referendum as Britain “takes back its island”

“Voters in Hungary are on a collision course with the European Union as they look certain to reject a refugee quota scheme being imposed on them by Brussels bureaucrats… A referendum is being held on October 2 and the result is expected to be an overwhelming victory for the country’s hard-line Prime Minister Viktor Orbán who is leading the ‘keep them out’ campaign… He has urged the country to say ‘no’ to all migrants – and polls suggest he is in tune with the nation with over 75 per cent of the population set to reject the EU imposed quota of 1,294 refugees… Mr Orbán, the most vociferous anti-immigrant leader among the 28 EU nations, announced the date of the referendum days after the UK Brexit vote.” (1).

This was not entirely unexpected, but the timing indicates a distinct possibility that the “Brexit” vote – a massive rebellion by the dispossessed British working class – had a great deal to do with it.

Shockingly, the E.U. has said those countries that refuse to accept all or part of their imposed “quota” face fines of £212,000 for each refugee turned away. Hungary has been “asked” to accept 1,294 people, and could thus be on the hook for a fine of more than £255million.

In my opinion, they should tell the European Union to drop dead, refuse the “immigrants”, refuse to pay the fine, and commence the cumbersome procedure necessary for their own exit.

I have always regarded concentrations of power above the national level to be symptomatic of Jewish efforts to more easily control huge populations, as is the case with the E.U. and its massive, deeply damaging non-White immigration into White homelands.

I am equally aware of Jewish hypocricy in demanding that Whites allow themselves to be swamped into a nightmare of dispossession and genocidal miscegenation (2), while insisting that Israel be a “Jewish state” in which anyone not Jewish is a second-class citizen (3).

But while the devastating “Brexit” vote may be expected to be viewed as a disaster for the Jews, that is not necessarily the case, according to Andrew Joyce, Ph.D (4). His article in the Occidental Observer is an interesting examination of the effects of “Brexit” on Jewish interests, and on the Jewish reactions we can expect to see, bearing in mind “the limitations of our achievement”.

Indeed, we may already have seen some reactions, as Boris Johnson and the three other leading lights of the “Leave” movement have suddenly lost their political standing (5), Mr. Johnson as the result of “the most spectacular political assassination in a generation” (which was also a political suicide on the part of the “assassin”), and apparent media manipulation for the other two.

This seems to be beyond co-incidental, at least to my suspicious mind; the reason given for the attack on Mr. Johnson in particular seems inadequate and unlikely…

My advice is to watch for Theresa May – who will be the next Prime Minister and who supported the “Remain” side – to start delaying and stalling tactics when it comes to carrying out the referendum; her only opponent for PM was Andrea Leadsom, one of the four “Leave” supporters who mysteriously came to grief…

But, no matter how I look at it, this amazing breakout by the White masses has quite possibly set the scene for a Trump presidency in America, and the total destruction of the European Union as The Netherlands, France, and very likely Hungary and others, consider having their own referendums.

The fightback will be long and difficult, and there will be setbacks, but I do believe we have taken the first step on the long road to our salvation.

But we must remember that time is not on our side, and the sooner we start taking big strides towards our emancipation, the easier it will be.

Jeff Goodall.

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