Christianity: Attacks & Persecution – July 13th, 2016

All emphasis added by me – nine items in total…

U.S.A: Fort Riley prayer breakfast called off – “Military Religious Freedom Foundation founder Mikey Weinstein sent multiple emails… on behalf of his advocacy group…”

Canada: Court wrong to reject Trinity Western University program accreditation – “The Ontario Court of Appeal has launched an aggressive assault on the Charter freedoms of conscience, religion, expression and association of all Canadians”

U.S.A: A multi-state abortion provider boasting a high-end ‘spa-like’ experience is attempting to de-stigmatize the procedure through a crowd-funded ad campaign in Atlanta – one ad said “Abortion? Yeah, we do that

U.S.A: Three SCOTUS justices warn: Refusal to take up religious-liberty case ‘an ominous sign’ – “This case points to a much larger issue: the future of freedom for all Americans to live according to their faith and conscience at the workplace

Egypt: Elderly Christian woman stripped  and paraded naked on the streets – “the mob chanted ‘We must drive the infidels out’ as they looted and burned the Christian homes…”

U.S.A: 1,037 Syrian “refugees” admitted in May 2016; two Christians, 1,035 Muslims – “the number of Christians among those admitted into the U.S. – 1.3 percent – remains significantly smaller than the proportion of Christians in the total population when the war began…”

Bangladesh: Catholic hacked to death – “This seems a premeditated murder, an exceptionally brutal one which is unprecedented in this area and people are afraid”

U.S.A: Air Force veteran removed from ceremony for “speech invoking God” – “the script preference for a flag-folding ceremony is at the discretion of the individual being honored

U.S.A: Supreme Court says “living by Christian faith illegal” – article includes lengthy “documentation of hate” by courts against Christians…