“Nature / Environment / Critters” July 26th, 2016

Eight items in total…

World-wide: Illegal logging, land clearance and habitat destruction all contribute towards a net global loss of around 6.6 billion trees each year – unmanned aerial vehicle mapping initiative could help with replanting

Indonesia: Forest fires released 11.3 million tonnes of carbon per day in 2015

Colorado: Experiment with controlled pulse of water to the Colorado River Delta shows that large dry water-courses release greenhouse gasses when flooded

Australia: Small rodent appears to be the first mammal species to die out as a result of human-produced climate change

World-wide: “CarbFix” experiment could turn heat-trapping carbon dioxide gas into harmless rock, forming a “permanent natural jail” for it

Colorado: Microbially-generated methane is the primary source of dissolved methane present in the area’s groundwater, fracking also contributes

Coral reefs: Over-fishing, nutrient and other pollution, ocean warming, contributing heavily to serious world-wide decline – widespread coral deaths observed in recent decades

World-wide: “Dirty gold” has had a devastating impact on ecosystems worldwide through “environmentally and socially destructive mining practices”