Anti-White Racism Quotations – July 28th, 2016

Emphasis added, five items in total… “language alert” for the last item.

“During the debate, Talkback host William Crawley asked how the U.K. could have a monarchy that wasn’t as brown as the U.K. itself. Although historically the country has been overwhelmingly white, recent waves of immigration mean about 15 percent of the U.K.’s population is now non-white… ‘In modern Britain, we’re a very diverse society. The royals don’t look like us anymore,’ said Crawley.” – Blake Neff, “British media asks why country’s Royal Family is so white” – The Daily Caller, July 26th, 2016.

“The fact is that these two cases, along with other high-profile cases such as Michael Brown, completely fail to establish any pattern of blacks being subjected to lethal police violence for racial reasons. If anything, they underscore the fact that police are operating in a dangerous and thankless environment of black resentment fueled by a completely erroneous narrative spun by a media that is willing to sacrifice the best interests of blacks in order to push their agenda of white guilt.” – Dr. Patrick Slattery, “Blacks across the country going on a media-fueled rampage” –, July 11, 2016.

“If Donald Trump sits in the White House and you are Muslim, brown, have a beard, wear traditional clothes, a turban, are Mexican or just anything short of WASP, you could consider either packing your bags or facing a return of the era of Joseph McCarthy… Trump forgets so easily that the only real American is the Native Indian who was massacred and that everyone else in the United States is a migrant. There is no real American.” – Bikram Vohra, “Living in Trump’s US” – Arab News, July 27th, 2016.

“Let’s follow the money. This is the country that rewards single black (and other) mothers, who reproduce with many different partners and their offspring with the following non-exclusive list of wonderful free goodies: Prenatal care, medical care, prescriptions, mental health care, food, free or reduced housing, daycare, cell phones, tuition, greatly reduced admissions criteria for entry in college based on race, textbooks books, tutoring and specific job placement assistance upon graduating, if they go to and finish college… If blacks graduate, local, state and federal employers, as well as international corporations set aside jobs, well paying ones, just for blacks. Their competence, and abilities are a secondary consideration. It’s Sweden in America for our angry blacks.” – Tiffany Kendal Koogler, “Obama, the Aloof Rageaholic” American Thinker, July 11th, 2016.

“I have a big secret to tell all the angry blacks that demonize cops: Whites are afraid of cops. I am leery of cops. This is why I do not make sudden moments around armed men who can legally shoot me, or tell them to fuck off, or act furtive in my pockets when detained… Critically, if my boyfriend were bleeding from a gunshot wound, I would apply pressure to his wound and render aid, not calmly video his death so I could attain celebrity status.” – Tiffany Kendal Koogler, “Obama, the Aloof Rageaholic” American Thinker, July 11th, 2016.