Muslims and the West – July 31st, 2016

The Muslim invasion – twelve items in total…

France: Mother and three daughters stabbed by Muslim after father allegedly ‘scratched his thigh’ in front of the Muslim’s wife

Bulgaria: Border police give award to voluntary border patrol which detained 23 refugees near the border with Turkey – “I want to encourage them, because they have reacted very appropriately”

Germany: Muslims storm nudist pool yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’ and threatening to ‘exterminate’ women for being ‘sluts’

Geert Wilders says the European Union should refuse entry to all Muslim migrants

Germany: Munich memorial interrupted by Muslims yelling “Allahu Akbar”

Creeping Sharia in healthcare – ‘’If they are good Muslims and follow the teachings of the Quran, their values will necessarily be in direct conflict with our own’‘

Germany: Authorities worry about ‘backlash’ after week of Muslim bloodshed

U.S.A: List of U.S. cities receiving Syrians under Obama’s U.N. program

Germany: Pregnant woman hacked to death by “refugee” wielding a machete

Muslims in Europe: Facts and figures

Lone-wolf terrorism would not be possible without Muslim immigration

Islam and violence against non-Muslims: The majority of those in positions of leadership and authority in the West are either liars or fools, or both – there’s no excuse today for ignorance about Islam…