The Incirlik air base crisis continues…

I am aware of unconfirmed reports from a reliable source that it was reported by various intelligence agencies in May this year that two American B61 nuclear weapons are up for sale on the European black market, and that “high grade” US weapons are also missing from various inventory reports.

These include “B-1 weapons”, which I imagine means weapons deliverable by B-1 bombers, which could be conventional or nuclear. France has at some point released an intelligence report that security at “a military base in Turkey, used by US coalition forces”, has been breached by “unknown forces”.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has also demanded that Germany arrest all Fethullah Gulen supporters in their country and send them to him (1).

He seems to have no grasp of the Western rule of law, but will be aware that Germany has troops stationed at Incerlik as well as the Americans, which appears to have given him the feeling that he can force the issue by holding German troops hostage as well.

I get the impression that Erdoğan is a dangerous megalomaniac who has no idea of what he is getting himself (and the world) into. The sooner he is neutralised, the better.

As for the nukes, it seems that at least two may have been stolen by “insiders”. It would be very difficult to detonate any of them, whether in illegal possession or located in a military storage area, but they could be destroyed using conventional explosives, which would leave a very nasty mess to be cleaned up, in addition to putting a massive dent in Western deterrence capabilities. (2).

It is thus extremely worrying that the Turks may be preparing to move dump-trucks into the base… (3).

As of a couple of days ago, it was reported that large numbers of Turks, apparently enraged at U.S. “involvement” in the abortive “coup”, are travelling in huge numbers towards Incirlik with the intention of blockading the base and demanding the removal of U.S. personnel and weapons (4).

The several thousand Turkish police already surrounding the base may have difficulty coping with them, and any unauthorised persons getting too close to U.S. nuclear weapons will assuredly be killed, thus causing a massive “uprising” against America in Turkey – a possibility which Erdoğan may well be planning for.

This is yet another way in which things could get very nasty, very quickly.

Of historical importance is the fact that many arrested Turkish military officers worked closely with the U.S. in planning and carrying out air-raids on ISIS targets, thus contributing to the belief that the U.S., allied with Erdoğan’s arch-enemy and U.S. resident Fethullah Gulen, may have been behind the failed “coup”.

If the Americans were in fact involved, then Erdoğan’s subsequent behaviour indicates that trying to “off” him was a smart choice, although I do tend to believe that the “coup” was staged by Erdoğan himself as an excuse to destroy all opposition to his despotic (and Islamist) rule.

I first became aware of this crisis through RT and Sputnik, which are Russian news/propaganda outlets and tend to put a spin on everything… now U.S. open-source intelligence outlets and other media are weighing in, and it doesn’t look good at all.

What a mess.

Jeff Goodall.

(1) – Read “Turkey demands Germany extradite Gulen followers” (July 28th) here.

(2) – Read “Are nuclear weapons stored in Turkey under threat?” here. This is an excellent, in-depth analysis of nuclear storage and risks.

(3) – Read “7000 Turkish forces with heavy equipment surround home of US Nukes – US air base in Turkey where a lockdown is in progress” here.

(4) – Read “Convoys of berserk Muslims (! -JG) headed against US Air Force base in Turkey” here.

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