Military & Intelligence News – August 2nd, 2016

Twelve items in total…

U.S.A: A-10 Warthogs practice landing on and taking off from the Jägala-Käravete Highway in northern Estonia

China: The Jiaolong (Water Dragon) AG600 seaplane – likely the world’s largest amphibious aircraft – believed designed for use in the South China Sea

U.S.A: “Serious religious liberty concerns” raised by Pentagon’s “gender dysphoria” policy – “mixed genitalia” will be present in military bathrooms, showers and barracks…

Australia: RAAF to purchase four anti-submarine warfare planes from Boeing

U.K: The entire fleet of the Royal Navy’s most powerful warships – six Type 45 destroyers – are all docked at the same port together… could be there for a whole month

Russia: New sonar system is able to detect enemy ships and submarines using a satellite network

U.S.A: “Stealthy submarines” used to hack other countries undersea cable systems

Denmark: The identification numbers of over 5 million Danish citizens were delivered to a Chinese visa firm “by mistake” – The Danish State Serum Institute claims that “they are under the ‘perception’ that the data ‘neither reached other people nor was seen by other people’.”

U.S.A: The future USS Zumwalt is so stealthy that it will go to sea carrying reflective material that can be hoisted to make it more visible to other ships – lobsterman says it looked like another fishing boat on his radar

Russia: Powerful new nuclear-powered icebreaker launched last month for use in the race for polar dominance

General: The “Distributed Agile Submarine Hunting” programme – and others – now threaten the nuclear deterrence which has so far kept us from mutual annihilation

China: Some analysts believe China’s new Type 093B nuclear-powered attack submarine is on a par with the U.S. Navy’s improved Los Angeles-class boats