U.S. Elections – August 3rd, 2016

U.S. Election 2016: Five items in total…

“It is now up to the Republican governors, especially, to plan for the onslaught of illegal election activities in their States. It is a foregone conclusion that the Democrat governors will turn a blind eye if not wholeheartedly support such activities in order to secure the election of Clinton – while at the same time giving lip service to the purity of the process. The tidal wave of Democrat lawyers which will descend on Red States prior to the election in attempts to stymie valid election processes and results will make all previous actions pale in comparison.” – Michael N. Mattia, “The coming election fraud” – American Thinker, August 1, 2016.

“If you listened to Democratic vice-presidential nominee Tim Kaine on Tuesday, or read Politico or the Guardian or any number of other major media outlets, you learned a scandalous fact: Donald Trump ejected a baby from a rally… For people who see Trump as cold and cruel, the story is irresistible. It’s also not true… the mother quickly decided to take the baby out of the room. Trump, looking in our direction, appeared to notice that she was on her way to the exit… One other salient fact is missing from all the pieces on babygate. Mom and baby, very much not kicked out, came back to their seat a bit later.” – Daniel Dale, “No, Donald Trump did not eject a baby” – Toronto Star, August 2nd, 2016.

“Close your eyes and imagine that a hacking group backed by Russian President Vladimir Putin broke into the email system of a major U.S. political party. The group stole thousands of sensitive messages and then published them through an obliging third party in a way that was strategically timed to influence the United States presidential election. Now open your eyes, because that’s what just happened… Considerable evidence shows that the Wikileaks dump was an orchestrated act by the Russian government, working through proxies, to undermine Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign.” – Patrick Tucker, “How Putin weaponized Wikileaks to influence the election of an American President” – Defense One, July 24th, 2016.

“We don’t plan on letting our country be devoured by Muslim maniacs. We are Americans sir, and not unarmed, socialist European zombies. We will do what is necessary to protect the United States. While many Democrats and liberals see the world through rose colored glasses, conservatives understand that there is good and evil in this world. Evil must be destroyed before it destroys us… Whether you, your wife and son would have been prohibited from emigrating from Pakistan to America under Mr. Trump’s wartime plan is irrelevant. The security of this great land supersedes your desires and the desires of others who wish to come here now. The United States of America has no obligation to open its doors in order to placate foreigners and liberals in our government.” – From “An open letter to Mr. Khizr Khan” by Ray Starmann, quoted by U.S, Defense Watch, July 30th, 2016.

“Caddell was near disbelief by what he called a ‘cooked’ Reuters daily tracking poll he claimed was rigged to favor Democrat Hillary Clinton… ‘They not only changed their formula, to put Hillary ahead. They went back and changed the results, for a week of results where Trump was ahead, and then they turned those into Hillary leads’ he said… ‘They also erased all the former polling off the site. They didn’t tweak their procedure – they cooked it’…’They made a switch, as much as 9 points, in their results from the beginning of last week, the 25th and 26th. It is, beyond doubt, the most outrageous thing’ Caddell said… ‘Never in my life have I seen a news organization, and a supposedly reputable poll, do something so dishonest’.” – Nicole Haas quoting Pat Caddell in “Not so fast on Hillary’s bump! Pat Caddell says Reuters flat-out ‘cooked’ poll as part of media ‘jihad’ against Trump” – BizPacReview, August 2nd, 2016.