Will Turkey seize the U.S. nuclear weapons at Incirlik?

“On Sunday, July 31, thousands of Turks mobbed the gates of the NATO airbase at Incirlik, threatening to seize the facility from the U.S. for allegedly supporting a failed military coup attempt against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan… The U.S. should immediately remove all nuclear weapons from Turkey and relocate them in European NATO countries or bring them back to the United States… It may be that Obama’s Defense Department has been so taken by surprise by events in Turkey that they are unprepared to execute emergency contingency plans to remove nuclear weapons from Incirlik.” (1).

The main-stream media has never picked up on this story, and information from other (mostly foreign and OSINT) sources is minimal. I find this very disturbing, and with Islam’s friend Barak Obama as American Commander-In-Chief, the possibilities could be disturbing indeed.

As a worst-case scenario, let’s keep in mind that Obama has supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and Al Qaeda in Libya and Syria. Both are Sunni terrorist groups. As Turkey is majority Sunni Muslim, this could put Obama – with just a few weeks of his presidency left – firmly on-side with Recep Erdoğan, and the push for a nuclear-armed Sunni coalition (see below).

Would he “accept” the loss of the B61 nuclear weapons at Incirlik to Turkey? Or, would the military finally wake up and stop him?

Then again, Obama’s willingness to allow Shi’ite Iran to come close to owning nuclear weapons may indicate that he doesn’t differentiate between the two major sects of Islam, and he may simply want them both to be nuclear armed… either way, it is not good.

Family Security Matters, in their story “Nuclear Crisis at Incirlik?”, (quoted above), address the issue in full, with particular reference to the “what if?” question of Turkey taking control of the nuclear weapons there.

According to writer Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, “Erdogan aspires to restore the Ottoman Empire. Yet Sunni Turkey’s claim to leadership of the Islamic world is challenged by Shiite Iran getting nuclear weapons, which every nation in the Middle East sees as the inevitable consequence of President Obama’s Iranian nuclear deal… Indian analyst Regan Traje warns in his article titled ‘The world must prepare for a Sunni Islamic nuclear coalition’ (Swarajya July 30, 2016): ‘A Sunni nuclear axis with Turkey and Saudi Arabia might soon be a reality. And Pakistan would be at its forefront’… Turkey could overnight become a nuclear weapons state, and leader of Traje’s envisioned Sunni Islamist axis, by seizing the B-61s at Incirlik.” (Emphasis added).

Shi’ite Iran is considered a defacto nuclear power by the Sunnis, and this adds urgency to their concerns. Is Recep Erdoğan capable of seizing the B61’s? He seems angry and irrational, and has berated America and Germany for not handing over Fathulleh Gulen and his supporters to him immediately, in wilful defiance of our “rule of law”.

Obama’s failed “red lines” and other ineptness has greatly reduced America’s standing and respect in the world.  If Ronald Reagan were president, I doubt any of this would be happening.

Recent news reports indicate that U.S. forces have been put on high alert within the U.S., and that US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford was scheduled to visit Incirlik and Ankara starting on August 1st, presenting the possibility of adding a four-star general to the hostage equation (3).

And will Israel, overly-confident because of its massive power and influence over the U.S. government, do something rash? There is precedent for that, (Osirak), and any miscalculation could start off World War III.

The Russians will be taking an intense interest in these events, and are very likely on high alert also.  They have little choice but to regard the U.S. and Israel as being each other’s proxies, and any fast move by Israel could be regarded as the fore-runner of a wider attack and result in a nuclear show-down with America.

Added to this are fears in some quarters that the planned Israeli end-game is to have the major nuclear powers obliterate each other, leaving a heavily-armed nuclear Israel able to easily dominate what is left. In this scenario, Israel may well use it’s German-supplied submarines to launch hard-to-trace nuclear attacks on either America or Russia, or both, with predictable consequences.

India and Pakistan could easily be goaded into attacking each other at the same time, and China may well become involved on the side of Pakistan due to their mutual enmity with India, and that would be it.

Speculation apart, however, there is no doubt in my mind that we are facing perilous times, and that America’s decline, after almost eight years of Obama, is largely to blame.

Let us pray…

Jeff Goodall.

(1) – Read “Nuclear Crisis at Incirlik?” here.

(2) – Read “The world must prepare for a Sunni Islamic nuclear coalition” here.