The British National Party’s Nick Griffin must go!

Below is the complete text of a British National Party e-mail message dated August 14th, 2010 signed by BNP Leader Nick Griffin.

In my opinion, Griffin’s attempts to position himself and the BNP as victims of a ConDem (British coalition government) attack by being banned from the Buckingham Palace garden party are becoming not just tedious and irritating, but also dangerous to the entire movement to advance and protect the interests of the White race in the face of massive Third-World immigration and population replacement.

I haven’t lived in Britain for 44 years, but I still know better than to try to involve the Queen in politics by any means, or in any context.  She does not get publicly involved in political issues, and that is how the system works.  The powers and limitations of the Crown were re-defined after a bitter and bloody Civil War some 350 years ago, and we don’t want to revisit that part of our past anytime soon.

I realise that the powers of the Crown have been substantially eroded by a series of Labour governments over the last 100 years or so, but that is a separate battle, to be fought on a different day.  Right now, committing precious energy and limited resources to such issues will not help our cause.

After reading the message below a couple of times, I now feel compelled to say it:

Nick Griffin abused the garden party invitation, tried to use it as a propaganda coup and personal bonanza by asking BNP members to tell him what they would like him to say to the Queen if she spoke to him, and the “banning” was perfectly predictable to anyone with half a brain.

I kind of hope that Griffin was deliberately (if misguidedly) angling for some political “martyrdom” by being banned, as the alternative is that he is simply too stupid to realise the inevitable consequences of his actions.

I have reached the conclusion that while the BNP should be supported by those who share my concerns about immigration and demographic changes in Europe, North America and Australasia, Griffin has got to go.  And, the current debacle now draws my attention to such issues as his being styled ‘Leader’, rather than President or Chairman.  That carries connotations that are not helpful at this time.

And, phrases such as “I will never let you down” and “now I really need your help” indicate that there is rather more “Griffin” in the BNP than I feel is good for it.

So, I am suggesting support for the BNP on the one hand, and the removal of Griffin as its ‘Leader’ on the other.

Tell them that, if you send them any money (link at bottom).

Jeff Goodall

Dear Fellow Patriot,

I am writing personally to you today to draw your attention to a grave situation we find ourselves in at present. As you know, we have all worked extremely hard for many years to gain success. Some people think that now we’ve broken through into the political and media big time, our troubles are over. Not so! With success comes new challenges and obstacles, and the party is now suffering acute legal and financial pressure.

Precisely because we’ve shown we can win, we are being forced to fight for our very existence! The anti-British Equalities Minister is running a ruthless campaign of legal persecution to destroy our party. The spiteful and venomous move by the ConDem Home office to bar me from the Queen’s Garden Party once again shows all too clearly that the liberal-left Establishment will stop at nothing in their desperation to halt our progress.

The impact of these attacks on our finances is severe. We have to buy in the services of expensive legal experts just to survive as a party. Our latest response to Trevor Phillips and the PC bullies is 27 pages of razor-sharp legal argument. If there is anything like justice, it will ‘rip’ apart their case in court. We cannot begin to produce such material by ourselves.

An expert – especially one who will have courage to risk all by helping us against our enemies – does not come cheap. This has been so urgent that some of the money we had allocated to pay other pressing bills had to be diverted to this most urgent fight.

In short, we are cash struck. We’ve made good progress with the money already raised and spent on infrastructure, equipment and campaigns over the last 3 years. But our successes have unleashed the furies of hell against us. Our existence is being challenged and it’s costing us dear.

Be clear on this, if you don’t give, we can’t fight… and if we don’t fight we will be shut down and killed off… THE END! If they win, the British people – and most especially our children – would be left voiceless and at the mercy of the PC fanatics and the Islamist extremists who hate all we hold dear. It’s that brutal.

We are the last bastion of the rights of our indigenous white society. If they break us, our people will be left defenceless!

In the wake of the Establishment’s Palace own goal, public sympathy for our party is at an all time high. We are ready to roll out the advances we’ve made centrally over the last 2 years to our regions and local branches. The future really does belong to us, but only if we can keep our forces in the field.

We can’t take that for granted. Our current financial situation is certainly not good. On top of the legal attacks on us, we have fought massive European and General election campaigns back-to-back in under a year. And we’ve had the enormous cost of modernizing our central party machine.

I know how generous everybody has been over the last year, that’s why I did not want to send you a simple appeal letter. I am writing to you like this to ask you personally to help your party out of these current difficulties. Our enemies’ attacks on our very existence are placing an intolerable strain on us and I need you to help me guide the party through this difficult period. We need to raise £150,000 to keep the wolves at bay and to ensure our survival.

I know you love our country and your commitment to our cause is beyond reproach and that’s why I am asking you in earnest to give as generously as you can right now to keep the party machine rolling on in defence of our constitution, our true nationalist principles and our right to exist.

Over the last year we have built a political powerbase that has astounded the Establishment and as you know, it has worked and will keep working! Through top-flight campaigning and administration while delivering the electoral breakthroughs, what we have achieved has sent out the signal that the British National Party is a real ‘threat’ to the status quo. That’s why we are now under such serious attack.

Today we stand at the crossroads of history. Do we pull together and go on to launch a really effective challenge to win seats in next year’s Welsh and Scottish parliamentary elections, or do we scale back our operation and go back to being a ‘fringe party’? Only you and how you respond to this letter can decide the future direction and survival of our party.

By digging deeper than ever before you will be making a statement that you are with me on our journey to even greater success to winning in the big PR elections next year and then onto Westminster.

As I said on TV on the day I was barred from the Palace, we are David to the establishment’s thuggish Goliath. But right now, were out of the slingshots we need to keep fighting – in blunt terms, hard cash! I will never let you down, you have my solemn word on this, and right now I really need your help to get us out of this dangerous situation. Remember, your donation is the weapon our enemies fear the most….Please use it:

Yours sincerely,

Nick Griffin, MEP
Leader, British National Party

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