Christianity: Attacks & Persecution – August 9th, 2016

Seven items in total…

China: Authorities demand churches handover “all of their money” – order intended to “mold Christianity into an institution that reflects the objectives of the Communist Party

Canada: Students for Life group sues the Brandon University Students’ Union after its club status was revoked – some 40 pro-life clubs at Canadian universities are experiencing “free speech” difficulties

Turkey: All Christian churches in city of Diyarbakir seized and declared to be “state property” – “What’s happening in southern Turkey is all too typical in the Middle East today, as ancient Christian communities are displaced and persecuted by sectarian violence”

Canada: Trinity Western University has to go to the Supreme Court to have provinces accept graduates of its proposed law school

India: Protestant churches firebombed in the southern Indian state of Karnataka

ISIS: English-language magazine Dabiq claims that Jesus Christ was a ‘slave of Allah’, urges Christians to ‘break their crosses’ and convert to Islam

India: Christians fined for worshipping in public – “The extremists began to beat six of the Christians and threatened to burn them. They ordered them to renounce their faith and start worshiping the (Hindu) idols”.