Immigration boss wants to spread Chinese newcomers “evenly”

“(Immigration Minister) John McCallum recently returned from a trip to China, where he lobbied officials to double or even triple the number of visa application centres in the country in an effort to open more doors for Chinese students, workers and tourists… However, he acknowledged there are limits to the government’s ability to disperse migrants, as once people become permanent residents they have a constitutional right to move wherever they want.” (1).

Precisely! This is just puffery and window-dressing in an attempt to hide deliberate actions which constitute a staggering threat to Canadian security, as China will now find it even easier to install intelligence assets and set up spying infrastructure in Canada.

To keep things in perspective, read the hushed-up and then leaked June 1997 “Sidewinder Report” (2).

The Chinese don’t come here for our benefit, they come here for theirs. If it isn’t stashing the wife and kids with welfare and free schooling in a massive investment property in Vancouver, or buying citizenship – and a Canadian passport – by putting money up as a “business investment” without even bothering to live here, those who do actually move and live here have spent decades forming their own insulated communities with the intention of achieving “critical mass” – that is, being able to live, work and play in Mandarin, without ever having to speak a word of English.

This is colonization, not immigration.

For some reason, the fact that I am an immigrant myself means that immigrants of other races will often open up to me, even though I identify with Canada on purely racial grounds. A Chinese bank teller I saw frequently while working for Metropolitan Toronto, after I told her I was from England, shook her head and whispered confidentially “they are so stupid”, referring to the Canadian government and its policies.

I agree with her entirely. Both the Liberals and Conservatives have been in a mad race to pump Canada full of unwanted foreigners, ranging from people who are competitive at best or rapacious at worst, to non-productive third-worlders for whom we have to spend billions on public housing and welfare.

Who does McCallum think he is impressing with his pompous stupidities? It is way past time for traditional Canadians to wake up, see the demographic writing on the wall, and say “enough!”

Because of advancing age and deteriorating health I am way past being able to set up and promote a political movement, but I will gladly offer the benefit of my experiences to any worthwhile person who can.

Whites unite!  We have very little time left…

Jeff Goodall.

(1) – Read “Canada wants to spread Chinese immigrants evenly across country, minister says” here.

(2) – See “The Sidewinder Report” Parts 1 & 2 here and here.

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And last but not least…

“Informed Canadians, but obviously not those at our CBC, know the answer they will get (from a China promoter) to a question about China’s intentions. It is like asking a coyote in front of a chicken coop whether he intends to break into the coop. The coyote will lie. So will countries like China who are seeking to expand their control of Canada and the Canadian fools, particularly those at the CBC, who will believe them.”

From: “Our passive acceptance of colonization by Mainland China” (March, 2016) here.