Muslim Invasion – August 31st, 2016

Islamic invasion: Eleven items in total…

U.S.A: Muslims using bullhorn scream “Allahu Akbar” at church during Sunday service

Austria: Muslim nursery shut down – Islamic nurseries were forcing boys and girls to praise Sharia law and reject the Western way of life

France: Government begs citizens to “let refugees into your homes” as refugee crisis worsens

Germany: Turkey has around 6,000 informants working in Germany – “Turkey’s internal conflicts between Gülen and Erdogan, and between Kurds and Turks have been brought into Germany, and are impacting the internal peace”

U.K: Muslim attacks 16-year-olds for “cuddling”, grabs boy by the throat

U.S.A: Refugees unhappy with school, sue state for a better one – claim they were “dumped in a disciplinary school” and are being denied access to a “quality education”

General: Suggestion that “this is not an influx of ‘refugees’ fleeing conflict”, it’s a new Gold Rush, in which young men from the Muslim world were seek to improve their fortune at Europe’s expense

France: Migrants wielding bats and knives have been smashing up vehicles on roads near Calais as their owners sit in traffic, reportedly “just for fun”

Italy: Fears of more “Calais” type jungles as immigrants keep coming across the Mediterranean

France: Drivers attacked, 200 “refugees” pulled from lorries in three hours as Calais situation continues to deteriorate

Switzerland: Immense pressure as “refugees” now trying to cut through to get to Germany