Christianity: Attacks & Persecution – September 18, 2016

Six items in total…

Church of Sweden: Official government-endorsed religious body says that wearing a cross necklace is “un-Christian” and that God believes in immigration and open-borders

U.S.A: Muslims are 98.2%of “refugees” allowed in by Obama; Christians are only 0.5%

Pakistan: Christian father killed by Muslims for trying to rescue 14-year-old daughter from forced Islamic marriage

U.S.A: Church lawyers ask federal court to prevent Iowa from censoring what it can say about homosexuality, same-sex “marriage,” transgenderism, and other related topics

Eritrea, Iran and Europe: Christians flee because of “extreme persecution”; violations of religious freedom; and attacks and harassment in “migrant centres”

Saudi Arabia: Grand Mufti calls for the destruction of all Christian churches in the Arabian peninsula – there are none in Saudi Arabia because all non-Muslim worship in the Kingdom is illegal, target is churches elsewhere on the peninsula…

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