Muslim Invasion – September 27th, 2016

Seven items in total…

Spain: “We will recover al-Andalus, Allah willing – we will kill you in your cities and towns according to our plan”

U.S.A: Islamic group demands removal of 9/11 commemorative plaque because the term Islamic terrorists “would encourage hatred toward Muslims”

France: The accelerated process of Islamization – politicians have forgotten “those who suffer from Islamization, who are no longer free to write, think, or go for a walk on the street”

U.S.A: Settlement Jihad – “…they are immigrating to America, to come and coalesce into one solid unit with the intention – and it is intentional – to implement Shariah law, which according to Islamic theology is the grace and gift to mankind”


How Islam progressively takes over countries – “Muslims slowly develop a presence in various countries and as their population numbers build, become more aggressive and assertive about exercising Sharia law”

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn warns that Europe risks forfeit of its “Christian inheritance” and subjection to “Islamic conquest”

Is Eastern Europe the last barrier between Christianity and Islam? – “The last chance to save Europe’s roots might well come (from)… those who defeated the Ottomans in 1699 and now feel culturally threatened by their heirs”