Anti-White Racism Quotations – September 30th, 2016

Emphasis added – four items in total…

“It is a great mystery why the least productive thirteen percent of the country, the most dependent on welfare, the most criminal, should be permitted to steal, burn, rape, and beat those who behave in accordance with civilized standards. To shout ‘kill Whitey’ while buying groceries with an EBT card, to expect to be taken care of, to get welfare and affirmative action while attacking the caretakers, does not suggest a crushing burden of mental acuity… Anything Africans don’t like must go. Anything they want, we must give them. If we don’t, they will take it by force, loot and burn and beat whites. And whites allow it, which is astonishing.” – Fred Reed, “Undocumented Shopping: Legacy of an African President” – Fred On Everything, Sept. 29th, 2016.

“…this group of protesters were out demonstrating in Stockton, California – about an hour’s drive south of Sacramento – and they were wearing Black Lives Matter shirts. According to a local CBS affiliate: ‘Police say two Caucasian girls left a local restaurant and passed by the protest when they were attacked by the protestors’… investigators are looking for suspects… Since the victims were white, don’t expect there to be any talk of a ‘hate crime.’ That only occurs when the victims are non-white, and the suspects are white.” – Philip Hodges, “Black protesters attack two white teen sisters” – Eagle Rising, Sept. 23rd, 2016.

“Leaving aside the Luciferian nature of Caucasians, a black policeman working under a black police chief in a majority-minority city shot Keith Scott. Why blame whitey? Why not blame Zoroastrians or Aborigines or Legionnaires? This Rorschach test of a statement, seeing whites as the culprits in an event primarily involving two African Americans, surely says less about those spoken of than it does the speaker…The vague phrase ‘social justice’ takes on an unsavory, specific meaning when shouted by people breaking windows and looting the Charlotte Hornets team store. But it gives people using the airy phrase as a mantra a whiff of moral superiority on cable news… They (cable networks) tell us, even after the mob knocked down a CNN correspondent on live TV and attempted to throw an unconscious WCNC photographer into a fire, that the troubles of these young African-American males stem from external forces (read: white people).” – The American Spectator, “In Charlotte, it wasn’t a book, and it wasn’t ‘whites’.” – Daniel J. Flynn, Sept. 23rd, 2016.

“The lives of Black people are infinitely more valuable than material things like windows, cars or property. Police in this city are more concerned with prosecuting vandalism than they are with the shooting death of another black person. The mayor and the governor of this state are spending time and countless resources protecting the business district and the city’s money­making institutions, but continue to ignore the needs and the demands of the communities they swore and were elected to serve. We will no longer stand for the routine murders of Black people by an unaccountable system of policing.” – Marcus Bass, organiser with “Tribe Charlotte” and the coalition group “Charlotte Uprising”, quoted by Weasel Zippers in their story “Demands of some Charlotte protesters: Release all arrested during ‘uprising’, defund police, reparations ”.