Military & Intelligence News – September 30th, 2016

Eleven items in total…

China: The strategic and military implications of the PLA’s “quantum satellite” experiments

Vietnam: Rocket systems deployed to threaten China’s “artificial island” air bases

Eastern Europe: Even Belarus is arming itself – “No one wants to be the next Ukraine

Russia: “Stationary and mobile smoke screening devices” blanket the city of Severomorsk in a “chemical fog

U.S.A: “Privatised” intelligence industry now an “unaccountable oligarchy of spies” dominated by just five companies

Russia: New armoured personnel carrier and its weapons can be remotely controlled

China: Seed-money committed to study a project to install a permanently-manned radar station on the moon

U.S.A: An update on the design and capabilities of Advanced Hypersonic Weapons

Aircraft Carriers…

How the U.S. Navy would destroy a Chinese aircraft carrier

How to sink a U.S. Navy carrier: China turns to France for ideas

Five reasons why U.S. aircraft carriers are nearly impossible to sink