The Palestine Chronicle – bloodied but unbowed!

“…the last six months were particularly interesting. We were recently ‘accused’ by the spokesperson by the Israeli Embassy in London of being the second most popular website among supporters of a certain Palestinian resistance faction, were derided by the Jerusalem Post, and were also subject to hundreds of hackers’ attacks, which forced us to change servers and heighten our security… Amidst all this, the Palestine Chronicle prevailed. In fact, we are stronger than ever before, not only in our determination to carry through for as long as it takes to shed light on the suffering of the Palestinians, but our readership has escalated dramatically.”

The above is a copy-and-paste of an e-mail bulletin received just a few days ago.

The Palestine Chronicle is an excellent and reliable source of information, and the attempts at public bullying, and hacking efforts intended to hinder or shut down their website, are stirring testimony as to the Chronicle’s effectiveness and reach.

I have made small donations to them on several occasions, and suggest you consider doing the same.

You can visit their website here.

You can donate here.

Jeff Goodall.