Gay & LGBT Agenda – October 26th, 2016

Six items in total…

U.S.A: Fifth grader’s “suicide risk” results in a federal judge ordering that “she” must be allowed to go the bathroom with the other girls

U.S.A: University encourages students to “speak with your professor about how you would like to be addressed

Canada: “Sexual minorities expert” says that judges need to be “better educated about gender identity” after Alberta family court judges rule that a child born a boy couldn’t wear girls clothes in public

U.S.A: University suggests there is an infinite number of pronouns students can use to “choose their own gender and designated personal pronoun”

U.S.A: 2016’s list of most-banned books includes LGBT-related books that “homophobic and transphobic bigots” have demanded be removed…


Canada: University professor claims “overwhelming” support in his defiance of “gender pronoun” policies

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