Random Quotations – Islam – Oct 30th, 2016

Nine items in total…

“A woman who teaches English to migrants with refugee status said her students are not interested in learning the language or getting a job, but rather in the benefits they can extract from British taxpayers… She said: ‘It’s so frustrating. They’re simply not interested in learning English. A lot of them have been here for many years now, and when I was teaching English for employment some of them refused to go because they said ‘Well I don’t want to work. I don’t want to work so I don’t want to learn English for employment.’ The radio host replied: ‘I’m assuming they’re happy to live off the welfare state.’ The teacher responded: ‘That is what they’re doing’.” – Soeren Kern, “A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in Britain: September 2016” – Gatestone Institute, Oct. 18th, 2016.

“While counter terrorism investigators were busy searching for the funding terrorist organizations used to plan attacks and get out their message of violence against all non-believers, there is one place nobody thought to look: the social welfare line… According to the Quran and the Hadiths, the jizya is a per capita yearly tax historically levied by Islamic states on certain non-Muslim subjects permanently residing in Muslim lands under Islamic law. (Radical Islamic preacher Anjem) Choudary taught that milking the social welfare system was another form of collecting the payment that was owed to Muslims.” – Patrick Dunleavy, “Jihadist Tactics 101 – Going on the Dole” – IPT News, Oct. 17th, 2016.

“Persecution of Christians is more than just physical violence. It is a complex, multifaceted phenomenon that involves many aspects such as various forms of cultural marginalization, government discrimination, hindrances on conversion, interferences on participation in public affairs and restrictions on church life’… Today, only less than 0.2% of Turkey’s population is Christian. But even this tiny, dwindling minority is still routinely exposed to discrimination on many levels. The historical and current situation of Christians in Turkey and the wider region makes one wonder: Is there no end to Christian-hatred in the Muslim world?” – Robert Jones, “Turkey Targets Christians” – Gatestone Institute, Oct. 23rd, 2016.

“The father had put forward a ‘complex conspiracy theory’ to explain allegations made by his children, said the judge… He had also said at one stage ‘you have to understand the racism in this country’ and had added ‘a white jury will always a convict a black man’… There was further evidence that the parents, in particular the father, thought that there had been a ‘conspiracy’ and that the (social services) professionals had not acted appropriately.” – The Telegraph, “Muslim father whose children were taken into care concocted complex conspiracy theory of social worker racist prejudice” – Oct. 23rd, 2016.

“Today, Christianity has become the most persecuted religion, where out of five people killed (for) religious reasons, four of them are Christians. In 81 countries around the world, Christians are persecuted, and 200 million Christians live in areas where they are discriminated against. Millions of Christian lives are threatened by followers of radical religious ideologies.” – Raymond Ibrahim, “Hungary helps persecuted Christians, resists Muslim immigration” – Family Security Matters, Oct. 21st, 2016.

“They have millions upon millions of young, angry, dissafected (sic) Muslims who are fed, clothed, housed, and given large amounts of money through European welfare programs. Such individuals are much easier to motivate into radicalism than some starving goat farmer in the Syrian desert…” – Unattributed article of unstated date titled “Predictions for the coming year” to be found on the “European Civil War” website – viewed on Oct. 28th, 2016.

“Last week General Lord Richards, former Chief of the Defence Staff and the UK’s most senior military officer, made an extraordinary allegation. Speaking on the BBC, he said that elements of the British establishment in Whitehall think their own soldiers are ‘bad’ and terrorists are ‘freedom fighters’… Lord Richards’s assertions have far-reaching significance both within the UK and more widely, affecting the US, the prosecution by the West of the war on terror, and British relations with the State of Israel. Yet they have gone largely unnoticed… At the end of one five-year public inquiry into the alleged torture and murder of detainees, the British soldiers involved were exonerated and the chairman, a former high court judge, concluded that the claims amounted to ‘deliberate lies, reckless speculation and ingrained hostility’.” – Richard Kemp, “Is Britain destroying its military to appease enemies?” – Gatestone Institute, Oct. 25th, 2016.

“…it seems that in the 8 years since the ‘Great Recession’ and EU crisis, the Europeans have basically used massive amounts of debt to ward off the EU’s eventual, inevitable downfall. On top of this – as we well know – they have spent vast sums on importing millions of violent Muslim immigrants. They also have a massively-aged society full of demographic ‘liabilities’… Therefore with signs that the global economy will soon be cycling back down, it seems that fate will be knocking on the door sooner rather than later.” – Unattributed article of unstated date titled “Predictions for the coming year” to be found on the “European Civil War” website – viewed on Oct. 28th, 2016.

“Appealing the verdict might have been the appropriate thing to do, even if there were little chance of having the ruling reversed. An appeal would have sent a signal to potential terrorists that Danish authorities look sternly upon logistical assistance to terrorists and will do everything in their power to pursue justice. Considering that European countries are likely to experience many more terrorist attacks in the future, the Danish court and the prosecution both sent a deeply troubling signal to future terrorists and their helpers, as well as Danish society as a whole.” – Judith Bergman, “Mockeries of Justice in Denmark” – Gatestone Institute, Oct. 30th, 2016.