U.S. Elections – October 30th, 2016

Re-opening the investigation, Huma Abedin, and “whistle-blowing” – five items in total…

“Something in between is Huma Abedin’s criminal liability. She’s far more exposed than Hillary. It’s highly likely that when the FBI interviewed Abedin, they asked her for all the devices (or at least an accounting of the same) that might have contained any classified information. The devices just uncovered obviously were not turned over to the FBI and almost certainly were not accounted for by Abedin. At a minimum, she appears to have lied to the FBI, which supposedly is the one thing you cannot do – ask retired Marine general James Cartwright or David Petraeus… What is plainly obvious is that this election will never be accepted by a substantial portion of the American electorate. The chief malefactor is Hillary Clinton, who placed the country in this position thanks to her insatiable ambition, mendacity, and unrepentant criminality.” – Jonathan F. Keiler, “Comey’s Mess” – American Thinker, Oct. 30th, 2016.

“Protective detail assigned to guard former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her two residences complained that her closest aide Huma Abedin often overrode standard security protocols during trips to the Middle East, and personally changed procedures for handling classified information, including highly sensitive intelligence briefs the CIA prepared for the president, newly released FBI documents reveal… Abedin, (is) a Pakistani-American Muslim whose family has deep ties to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the radical Muslim Brotherhood… Abedin, whose email account was huma@clintonemail.com, was the only State Department aide whose emails were hosted by the private Clinton server she claimed she didn’t know existed until she heard about it in the news.” – Paul Sperry, “FBI notes reveal security concerns over Huma Abedin” – Family Security Matters, Oct. 28th, 2016.

“This (the Weiner-Abedin email material) induced FBI chief James Comey to make the astonishing announcement, eleven days before the election, that he was compelled to reopen the investigation into Hillary’s handling of classified materials on a private server because of newly discovered evidence… Thomas Lipscomb asks, ‘Andrew McCarthy, Judge Napolitano and others have posited that once it became clear that Obama had lied and was totally implicated in the Hillary e-mail scandal, Comey was not allowed to go forward with an indictment. WHAT IF the Weiner-Huma-Hillary evidentiary route has no such problem?’…” – Clarice Feldman, “The Clintons: Making politics sexy again” – American Thinker, Oct. 30th, 2016.

“Six months later, the senior FBI agent in charge of that investigation resigned from the case and retired from the FBI because he felt the case was going ‘sideways’; that’s law enforcement jargon for ‘nowhere by design.’ John Giacalone had been the chief of the New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., field offices of the FBI and, at the time of his ‘sideways’ comment, was the chief of the FBI National Security Branch… The reason for the ‘sideways’ comment must have been Giacalone’s realization that DOJ and FBI senior management had decided that the investigation would not work in tandem with a federal grand jury… In criminal cases, the FBI and the DOJ cannot issue subpoenas for testimony or for tangible things; only grand juries can… it became more apparent to Giacalone’s successors that the goal of the FBI was to exonerate Clinton, not determine whether there was enough evidence to indict her… Why did this case go sideways?… Did President Obama fear being a defense witness at Hillary Clinton’s criminal trial? Did he so fear being succeeded in office by Donald Trump that he ordered the FBI to exonerate Clinton, the rule of law be damned?” – Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, “What happened to the FBI?” – creators.com, Oct. 27th, 2016.

“Of course, Snowden violated his own agreements with the government. But there is obvious legal precedent for whistleblower protection, and in his case he broke his contract with the government in order to highlight the institution’s own violation of the law. Regardless of whether one believes Secretary Clinton’s admission that her actions were for the sake of ‘convenience,’ or whether she had a greater agenda, one thing is clear: Hillary Clinton was not playing the role of whistleblower.” – Tho Bishop, “Why Hillary Clinton is not like Edward Snowden” – Mises Institute, Oct. 10th, 2016.