The “transgender agenda” – censorship, enforcement, control

“If they fine me, I won’t pay it. If they put me in jail, I’ll go on a hunger strike. I’m not doing this. And that’s that. I’m not using the words that other people require me to use. Especially if they’re made up by radical left-wing ideologues.” – Professor Jordan Peterson, University of Toronto.

The above quote is from Anthony Furey’s article “Once they’re done with Jordan Peterson, they’ll come for you” appearing in the Toronto Sun on Oct. 29th. (1) And the cause of all this? Professor Jordan has had the temerity to point-blank refuse to accommodate those of his students who wish to be addressed as “ne”, “ve”, “ze”, “xe” etc.

In Antonella Artuso‘s article “U of T prof told to use gender pronouns students want” appearing in the Toronto Sun on October 19th (2), we are told that “Psychology Professor Jordan Peterson was sent a letter Tuesday that told him that he must refer to students by whatever pronoun they wish – not just ‘he’ or ‘she’ – and that he must also refrain from making public statements on the topic…” (emphasis added).

Artuso also quotes U of T spokesperson Althea Blackburn-Evans as saying “We expect all members of our community, including Prof. Peterson, to foster a learning environment that’s free from discrimination and harassment.”

That Professor Jordan’s principled stand for free speech and common sense is subject to condemnation as “discrimination and harassment” speaks volumes as to the dictatorial arrogance and intolerance of those determined to forcefully change Western Civilization whether we like it or not.

In Rex Murphy’s article “Jordan Peterson – a real professor, at last” appearing in the National Post on Oct. 28th (3), we are told that Peterson received two letters of reprimand and warning, one of which says in part:

“Some students have been the target of specific and violent threats, including threats of assault, injury and death against them individually and as members of the trans community. We trust these that these impacts on students and others were not your intention in making (the controversial remarks). However, in view of these impacts, as well as the requirements of the Ontario Human Rights Code, we urge you to stop making these remarks.”

Murphy goes on to ask “Is the university seriously claiming, by inference or direct assertion, that because a professor has freely chosen not to speak a set of freshly made-up words that others insist he speak, that others, because of the professor’s intellectual dissent, have really been made targets of “assault, injury, and death threats”?

And to drive his point home, he further states “I simply don’t believe them. But if they present their police reports (for surely threats of injury, violence and death have been reported?), and show evidence of increased security and police patrols, I might change my mind. In the meantime, on the wild chance all this is indeed the case, every student should stay away from University of Toronto campus until the carnage stirred up by The Great Pronoun War subsides.”

Furey seems far more concerned at the massive public expense involved in supporting and maintaining the LGBT – human rights – gender studies industry, as in “I want you to go online and plug this into your search engine: sunshine list + gender studies”.

However, he does point out that “…fringe academics are walking around with a straight face taking their subject seriously and getting paid to lead impressionable minds to agree with them… We’ve created a system where it’s actually their job to do this and to indoctrinate others to follow in their footsteps. It’s why the social justice warriors are taking over.”

Add to this poisonous stew the universal phenomenon of “bureacratic momentum” and we have some very serious problems indeed just over the horizon.

The author of the “Gender neutral pronoun blog” in the article “The need for a gender-neutral pronoun” (4) wishes to help those searching for suitable pronouns, but also has this to say:

“One of the biggest problems facing the adoption of a new gender-neutral pronoun is the lack of unity and organization among supporters of the idea. People propose new pronouns without knowing about the scores of previous ones, and people interested in using gender-neutral pronouns can’t find any they like, or can’t figure out why they like or dislike certain forms.”

When you consider the immense problems this presents to educators who simply wish to expend their energies imparting knowledge to their students, it is astonishing that Professor Peterson is one of very few indeed who dare to buck the trend; such is the power of “political correctness” in our learning institutions these days.

In his excellent article “I don’t care about your ‘preferred pronoun’ I’ll simply call you what you are” appearing in The Blaze on Oct. 6th of this year (5), Matt Walsh totally shreds the totalitarian “gender-neutral pronoun” fanatics in many different ways. I can’t recommend his article too highly. Here are some quotes:

“…the University of Michigan announced a new policy allowing students to choose their own gender and ‘designated personal pronoun’… The school’s webpage gives students several examples of pronouns they might use, but it makes sure to stipulate that a person should not be limited to those options. There are ‘an infinite number of pronouns,’ according to the academic institution that costs thousands of dollars a year to attend. ‘Always make sure to ask someone for their pronouns,’ it warns, as if pronouns are things that a person can own and distribute like business cards.”

“Granted, it’s a daunting task to memorize everyone’s vocabulary requirements and keep track of the ever-expanding buffet of gibberish cooked up by lesbian college professors and kids on Tumblr, but we’re cautioned that getting it wrong could have disastrous consequences. When we use the ‘wrong’ pronoun (otherwise known as the right pronoun), we’re not only being ‘disrespectful’ and ‘hurtful,’ but ‘oppressive’.”

As Walsh tells us, apologies for infractions suggested by the University of Michigan actually include the following:

“This individual who is presently speaking would like to extend an apology to the individual who is being spoken to. This individual begs that individual’s forgiveness and hopes that both individuals – this one and that one, respectively – may be able to get past these difficulties and establish a friendship based on these individuals’ mutual and genderless respect and understanding.”

And a little closer to home, my local paper Oshawa This Week carried an article on Sept. 20th this year, originally appearing in the Richmond Hill Liberal, titled “Gender lines blurring between male and female” (6) in which we are told that “Randy and Mandy Klein are doing their best to treat their child’s gender identity with respect, but sometimes, the Newmarket family struggles with the day-to-day details… Micah, 16, came out as gay last year and several months ago, said they are gender fluid. Micah prefers “they and them”, dresses generically and considers themself male or female depending on the day, and sometimes the time of day.”

Bearing in mind that Micah is autistic, and both Randy and Mandy Klein suffer from Asperger’s Syndrome, I can’t help wondering if they are being taken advantage of in order to advance this agenda…

Getting back to reality, the University of Toronto’s viciously censorial response to a professor expressing his view as to how people should be addressed in the classroom, is a chilling example of how the “politically correct” agenda is enforced.

Word control is people control, and nothing is more important than controlling those who mould the minds which will lead our society in the future.

And enforcing the “transgender agenda” is just one part of it… as I see it, we are now entering into the final stages of a decades-long campaign to undermine and destroy Western Civilization through the corruption and undermining of our education system to enable poisoning the minds of our young.

And if Hillary Clinton is elected President of the United States on November 8th, we can expect a determined effort to finish the job before the end of her first term of office, if Barack Obama’s transgender bathroom directives are anything to go by.

Jeff Goodall.

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