Reasons not to vote for Donald Trump

This is a guest column; ‘Mihael Willman’ is the pseudonym for a concerned Canadian -JG.

I wasn’t even able to finish reading this pro-Hillary Clinton tirade by contributor Mihael Willman. However, I never argue with the excellent material Mihael provides regarding Chinese inroads into Canada and the threats posed to us by the Red colossus, so I will reproduce this astonishing (and in my opinion very disturbing) tirade with just one further comment:

As I said earlier this year, “And as for him being President, I would rather see a foul-mouthed, aggravating and insulting leader of the Free World – one who who will secure the borders and restore America’s respect and strength in the world – than a politically-correct commie-socialist degenerate (Hillary Clinton, Bernie Saunders) who will flood White America with unwanted Third Worlders, and drive the U.S. economy straight into the ground through deficit spending and funding Israel’s imperialistic ambitions in the Middle East.”

And here we go:

If this was an ordinary election year, and Republicans had the sense to nominate a principled candidate who firmly believed in what their party stood for, then the choice would be simple. Especially with Hillary Clinton the Democratic candidate. But, unfortunately, the GOP was high-jacked and turned into the party of Donald Trump.

In recent years we have become increasingly used to negative campaigning, more in the U.S. then Canada, with attacks by challengers and incumbents often bending the truth. But Trump has taken the process to an all time low, spouting lies with impunity to supporters lapping them up without once examining their veracity. Trump averages about twenty lies per day, many of which he repeats on a daily basis, far surpassing anything that Clinton might say. Yet his supporters mindlessly repeat his chants of “lying Hillary” and “crooked Hillary” when it is their idol who is the worse offender in that regard.

Supporters claim that Trump’s promises are just what is needed to “Make America great again.” Some ignore his past actions, whether it be as a businessman or his treatment of women, as happening years ago, and therefore no longer of consequence. While they may disapprove of many things that he says, or the words he uses, and even admit that they don’t think he has the temperament to be president, they’re quite prepared to overlook these “shortcomings.” Many have even described him as risky, but still support him because they want political, cultural and economic change. Yet his history, or past behavior, is a perfect template of what Americans can expect in the future if he should win.

Trump has spent his entire adult life looking for ways, both legal and illegal, to amass more and more money at the expense of his partners, small contractors and workers, as well as society at large. “You can never be too greedy,” is a favorite Trumpism. There is no way on this earth that at 70 years of age he will miraculously be reborn into a caring person concerned for the “little people,” no matter what he may say at his rallies. Trump is only interested in himself and his family and the rest of the world, including the U.S., be damned.

A look at what Trump has been saying since he announced his candidacy, as well as a look at his business practices and behavior, makes Hillary Clinton more and more attractive as each day goes by, even if she is only the lesser of two evils. Trump may say some things which are appealing to Republicans, but many of his supporters are not regular GOP members. They would just as easily support him as an independent candidate, or a Democrat, because it is Trump and not the party that they support. As a conservative I’d rather see my party lose than have someone represent it who lacks long-held conservative principles and values. Anyone who has changed his political allegiance seven times, as Trump has done, is definitely not a man of steadfast principles.

Since he declared his candidacy, Donald Trump has said one outrageous statement after another, from denigrating an entire ethnic group to ridiculing a disabled person, to attacking the parents of a dead soldier. He has shown by his words and actions that he lacks the temperament, manners, even intelligence to become the President of the United States and the moral leader of the democratic world.

Establishment Republicans, like Paul Ryan, seemed to think that because Trump was “bringing new voters that we never had,” it was a good thing. (Of course that was before the 2005 video of Trump boasting about what he did to women surfaced.) But some of these new voters include bikers, the KKK and other questionable individuals. When he was endorsed by David Duke, as well as the KKK, Trump claimed that he didn’t know who David Duke was and “You wouldn’t want me to condemn a group I know nothing about?” with regards to the KKK. Having lived his entire life in the U.S., there is no way that Trump can claim ignorance of what the KKK has done over the years and what it stands for. If he truly doesn’t know, than he is even less informed then one would think. However, what can you expect from someone who considers The National Enquirer a reputable newspaper deserving of the Pulitzer Prize?

Trump and his Litany of Lies

One of Trump’s favorite phrases is “lying Hillary” which he repeats at rally after rally. Yet if one looks at his statements, the label fits him more than it does Hillary Clinton. During one week of fact-checking POLITICO found that Trump uttered falsehoods every 3 minutes and 15 seconds in the space of five hours, or 87 in five days. Here are just a few of them.

He repeatedly accuses Clinton of supporting “open borders” or unlimited immigration into America, which is false.

He has repeatedly claimed that the sexual assault allegations made against him have “been debunked,” which is not the case.

He claims that the U.S. is the “highest-taxed major country anywhere in the world, by far.” While the U.S. corporate rate is third, when considering all taxes the U.S. is among the lowest-taxed developed countries.

During one weekend in October, he repeated 26 times his claim that the election is rigged. If he loses, the system was rigged and the election was stolen from him, if he wins, then everything is just fine! He has repeated his false assertions at rally after rally, day after day. Does he truly believe all the falsehoods he utters, or does he believe that if you say something loud enough, and often enough it will become true? Or does he simply want his followers to blindly believe these lies, so that should he lose it was because the system was corrupt?

For some time now Trump has claimed that “large-scale voter fraud” plagues the election. One claim is that voter fraud in Chicago and other cities is “horrendous.” Yet in the last ten years only ten suspicious cases were reported to the attorney general’s office from a total of nine million ballots cast in Chicago. “Horrendous” indeed. Another day he claimed that illegal immigrants were voting all over the U.S. Turns out that a non-citizen in Texas, married to an American, was charged for illegally voting in several elections for – Republicans. Another wild claim is that “people who have been dead for ten years…” are either registered or have voted.

Trump repeatedly declares that people are going and voting five, ten and even fifteen times, particularly in minority areas! Something that is virtually impossible to do. However, an indepth study has shown that since 2000, there have been only about 30 instances of voter fraud out of one billion votes cast! Just a few days ago one woman, a Trump supporter, was arrested for voting twice. Her excuse, that she was worried her first vote would be tampered with. Looks like his assertions about voting fraud may just come true this election, but the fraud is coming from his side of the political divide. Just how many more Trump supporters are going to try the same thing, because of his constant harping about voter fraud?

Trump claims that NAFTA is responsible for job losses in the U.S. and the departure of companies. On the other hand, according to the U.S. Trade Representative’s office, a more reliable source than Trump, three million American jobs are supported by U.S. exports to Canada and Mexico.

At a rally in North Carolina, Trump claimed that Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina, as well as “a lot of states” were getting killed by unemployment. In actual fact, since January 2009, unemployment had decreased on average by 50 percent, with Michigan’s rate falling nearly 60 percent from 11.6 to 4.5 percent. Trump has actually gone so far as to inflate the unemployment rate to as high as 42 per cent. Either he doesn’t understand unemployment statistics, or he simply doesn’t care about the truth.

Trump has accused Clinton and President Obama of being responsible for ISIS, even going so far as to say: “I call President Obama and Hillary Clinton the founders of ISIS.” When a Conservative talk show host asked if Trump meant that actions by Obama caused a void, which resulted in the creation of ISIS, he replied: “No, I meant he’s the founder of ISIS.” When the host corrected him and said that Obama hates ISIS and is killing them, Trump replied: “I don’t care, he’s the founder.” In reality ISIS’s roots have been traced back to 2004, long before either Obama or Clinton were even in office. It started using the name Islamic State of Iraq in 2006, while George W. Bush was President. Once again, just how many of his followers actually believe his garbage?

Having repeated this accusation numerous times, during one of the debates in September, Trump showed just how little he knows when he responded to Clinton: “No wonder you’ve been fighting ISIS your entire adult life.”

Though by 20 September, the American airforce had completed 11,697 air strikes in Iraq and Syria, Trump has accused the government of “hitting them every once in awhile… We’re being very gentle about it.” Since the fight to retake Mosul has been underway, he appears to have been silent on this issue.

An often repeated lie is Trump’s declaration that he opposed the invasion of Iraq. Yet when asked by Howard Stern if he supported the invasion, he replied: “Yeah, I guess so. I wish the first time it was done correctly.” Clearly not a decisive opposition to the invasion. Recently he has even gone so far as to declare that Army Capt. Khan, who died in Iraq, would still be alive if he had been president at that time. Historical revisionism a la Trump is clearly unparalleled.

Similarly Trump repeatedly accused Clinton of planning to bring in 650,000 refugees during her first term, when her proposal was for 65,000 refugees or only 10 percent of Trump’s figure. Also, playing to the fears of his supporters, he has claimed that there is no effective way to screen refugees. Other accusations concerning refugees are equally wrong.

He has claimed that companies were leaving the U.S., among them Ford, which he has accused of planning on dismissing thousands of workers and relocating to Mexico. Small car production is being moved out of country by Ford, but job levels will remain the same at the affected plants. He, on the other hand, claims he will create millions of jobs.

Another wild Trump accusation is that Clinton is plotting “the destruction of U.S. sovereignty in order to enrich these global financial powers.” He has also accused Clinton, the Democratic Party, the media and nefarious international forces of conspiring to prevent his election.

“Crime is rising like never before in the inner cities.” Another lie, as crime had a much bigger spike in the mid to late 1960s. While there is a rise in crime in some large cities, 22 out of 51 big cities have had declines in homicide rates in the first six months of this year.

Another interesting Trump claim is that in inner cities “there’s no education. There are no jobs.” Just what does he think goes on in the inner cities besides what he considers to be “rampant crime?”

“Hillary is going to raise your taxes substantially.” Clinton’s tax increases are only for the very wealthy, or the top 1 percent, people earning in the $250,000 range. There would be little or no change for the bottom 95 percent.

He repeatedly claims that Clinton would raise “taxes big league,” while under a Trump administration taxes for ordinary people would “go way down,” the truth is totally different. The only people who will enjoy enormous tax cuts under his plan are the super rich, like himself, in other words the 1 per cent. According to the Tax Policy Center, some middle-class families would actually pay more taxes under his plan.

In one instance Trump claimed that Obama has not deported anyone, not even people guilty of criminal activity (2.5 million have actually been deported during the Obama presidency.). In another instance he criticized him for deporting millions. Sorry, Donald Trump, but you can’t have it both ways, either Obama has deported millions or his hasn’t deported anyone. Which is it?

A favorite accusation is that Clinton wants to get rid of the “Second Amendment” the right to bear arms. She has repeatedly called for increased criminal background checks on applicants and questioned the easy access to assault weapons, but she has never called for abolishing that right. However, Trump and the NRA continued to parrot the same line.

At one rally in August, he repeated that she would abolish the “Second Amendment” and “if she gets to pick her judges, then there’s nothing you can do.” After a few seconds of pause, he continued with: “Although the Second amendment people… maybe there is, I don’t know. I’ll tell you what, that’ll be a horrible day.” Just what did he mean by “a horrible day?” For many people listening to this, including me, it came across as a possible incitement to violence. Considering the character of some of the people Trump attracts, while he may claim that isn’t what he meant, it will definitely be what they heard. At another recent rally, one follower threatened to do harm if Clinton was elected, declaring: “If I have to be a patriot, I’ll be one.”

Almost everytime he opens his mouth you can be assured that he will say something which is not just untrue, but a downright lie. A few times he even contradicts his own statements within minutes. But his followers lap it up, clearly not concerned about the accuracy of his statements and parroting even the most outrageous ones without even once bothering to verify their veracity, or lack of it.

During a rally at his golf course in Florida, on 25 October, he attacked “Obamacare” saying that his employees are having a hard time with the rising cost. A few minutes later he said that his employees are covered by the company’s insurance program. His manager was left to clarify to the press that 99 per cent of their employees are covered by the company insurance. So why claim that they are having difficulties? Was he hoping that people would only hear the first part of his speech and not realize that he later contradicted himself?

During this same rally, supporters standing behind him held a couple of “Blacks for Trump” signs. Was there a shortage of black supporters that one of the people holding the sign was a white woman? This was not the first time this has happened. At an earlier rally an elderly woman held a sign with the same slogan. Were no black people available or present here either?

Following the final debate, Trump claimed on Twitter that polls showed that he had won unanimously. In actual fact he lost every scientific poll.

Trump has been described by “Fact Checker” as: “the rare politician who will repeat false claims, over and over, even after they have been debunked by fact-checking organizations. Most politicians will simply stop repeating a claim after receiving Four Pinocchios, our worst rating.” But not Donald Trump. In a 1990 Vanity Fair profile of Trump, reporter Marie Brenner was told by one of Trump’s lawyers: “Donald is a believer in the big lie theory. If you say something over and over again, people will believe you.”


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