“Nature / Environment / Critters” Nov. 7th, 2016

Eight items in total…

Canada: “Toxic brew” of pollution in some of Toronto’s ravines – Conservation Authority expresses concern

Russia: Drive on to greatly reduce reindeer herds in order to assist oil and gas companies taking over increasingly large parts of the North – Nenets reindeer herders expected to revolt, as in 1941

China: Significant efforts being made to combat environmental damage caused by industrialization – detailed analysis

Brazil: Significant amounts of de-forestation goes “undetected” by government authorities – “there’s more deforestation happening in Brazil than official accounts suggest”

Canada: Backbencher’s Bill to toughen animal cruelty laws defeated – the government argued that it could have inadvertently rendered illegal otherwise lawful activities such as hunting, trapping, fishing, ranching and medical research.


Zoological Society of London’s “Living Planet assessment” suggests that global wildlife populations have fallen by 58% since 1970

The number of different pesticides used in any area has an observable negative impact on Honey bee colony losses

Evidence found that microfibers are being ingested by deep sea animals, revealing the extent of “microplastic pollution” including microbeads