In your faces, you smug, self-righteous pig-farts

“Tonight, our American cousins threw out the elites and elected Donald Trump as their next president… It’s an exciting message and one that we need delivered in Canada as well… It’s the message I’m bringing with my campaign to be the next Prime Minister of Canada… It’s why I’m the only candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada who is standing up for Canadian values… It’s why I’m the only candidate who will ensure that every visitor, immigrant, and refugee will be screened for Canadian values… I look forward to continuing to deliver this message to the Canadian elites – that historic Canadian values are worth protecting… I congratulate President-Elect Trump on his victory and I look forward to working with him on issues of common concern.” – Kellie Leitch congrats to Trump: Copy-and-paste from an email she sent out at 3:10 am Eastern Time this morning (paragraph separations shortened).

God, I love it so!

“In your face” to Samantha Bee, to the foul-mouthed Amy Schumer, and to any number of superior, self-entitled media-scum who have taken the average man – and woman – too much for granted, for far too long.

Their dream-world has now come crashing to the ground as Donald Trump has taken not only the Presidency, but also control of the Senate, the House of Representatives, and a seemingly three-to-one majority of the State Governorships.

He will have control of the Executive and Legislative branches of government, and as for the Judiciary, he will be able to appoint new Judges to the Supreme Court who will maintain the integrity of the First and Second Amendments for decades to come.

This is indeed a great day for the United States, and for the continuance of Western civilisation and the White people who created it.

But, it won’t be easy. Trump will be surrounded by enough globalist advisors, administrators, and gate-keepers, that his powers will be severely limited, and he will at best only be able to slow down the dilution of civilisation and the racial integrity of the U.S.

And that is assuming that the Electoral College doesn’t try to defy the wishes of the majority, resulting in a likely civil war, or that the “establishment” won’t actually assassinate him, which will assuredly result in vicious bloodshed across the land.

Indeed, if he is allowed to live, we can reasonably assume that the globalists feel confident that he can be contained.

That’s all I am going to say for now, other than to highlight the suggestion that Trump’s election provides a safety-valve which will provide an illusion of victory for some, who will then abandon their defences, thinking that the battle has been won.

This is far from over, and there are those who would have preferred a victory by the snobbish elites, thus resulting in a far quicker and bloodier battle for the future of America and the White Race.

We are still living in dangerous times.

Jeff Goodall.

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