Random Quotations – Post-Election – Nov. 20th, 2016

Five items in total…

“Trump, as we all know, doesn’t back down. This is why the far-left machine has become so insane in recent weeks. Earlier in the campaign, they thought they’d cornered a rat. Then they realized they just locked themselves in a room with a lion… Trump, for better or worse, doesn’t care what other people think. He’s shameless. Just like the left. They’ve finally met their match. Oh, boy, is it nice to watch.” – Anthony Furey, “Finally, the left no longer frames the debate” – Toronto Sun, Nov. 19th, 2016.

“We will not stand by as hatred and violence are promoted by our president-elect. Racism and bigotry at home have been fueled by U.S. wars abroad, but also make more such wars easier. We commit to nonviolently resisting hateful attacks on our fellow human beings wherever they live.” – Petition wording…

“What I’m seeing in the protesters is an entitlement mentality. A democratic election in which they happily participated didn’t go their way, so they are protesting the outcome that didn’t give them what they wanted. They are acting like spoiled children, maybe because they are spoiled children.” – Randall Holcombe, “Entitlement Mentality?” – The Beacon, Nov. 14th, 2016.

“More than half of the 112 anti-Trump protesters arrested in Portland didn’t even bother to vote… At least 70 of the demonstrators either didn’t turn in a ballot or weren’t registered to vote in Oregon, according to state election records.” – Daily Mail, “More than half the 112 anti-Trump protesters arrested in Portland didn’t even vote” – Nov. 15th, 2016.

“The people have spoken, the bastards.” – Dick Tuck’s concession speech following his loss in the 1966 California State Senate election.