Random Quotations – Islam – Nov. 26th, 2016

Seven items in total…

“France is in turmoil. ‘Migrants’ arriving from Africa and the Middle East sow disorder and insecurity in many cities. The huge slum commonly known as the ‘jungle of Calais’ has just been dismantled, but other slums are being created each day. In eastern Paris, streets have been covered with corrugated sheets, oilcloth and disjointed boards. Violence is commonplace. The 572 France’s (sic) ‘no-go zones,’ officially defined as ‘sensitive urban areas’, continue to grow, and police officers who approach them often suffer the consequences.” – Guy Milliere, “France on the verge of total collapse” – Gatestone Institute, Nov. 24th, 2016.

“Many in the West are perplexed by the fact that in spite of increasing waves of atrocities committed by radical Muslims around the world, the rest of the Muslim world has not risen up to put a stop to this trend… where are the united and concerted efforts in the ‘moderate’ Muslim world to stamp out the sources of such evil?” – Mateen Elass, “Imago Dei or Servus Allah – Who Cares?” – personal blog, Nov. 18th, 2016.

“A cursory examination of Reliance of the Traveller will show that it uses the word ‘obligatory’ hundreds of times, and enumerates mandatory acts for all Muslims which are felony violations of the U.S. Code, including terrorism, material support of terrorism, perjury, espionage, treason, making war against the United States, sedition, and misprision (the deliberate concealment of one’s knowledge of a treasonable act or a felony) of treason.” – Michael J. Del Rosso, “John Brennan is completely unqualified to be Director of Central Intelligence” – Jihad Watch, Oct. 26th, 2016.

“It is well documented that refugees to the United States are not representative of that war-torn area of the world… Perhaps 10 percent of the population of Syria is Christian, and yet less than onehalf of one percent of Syrian refugees admitted to the United States this year are Christian… of the nearly 11,000 refugees admitted by mid-September, only 56 were Christian… To date, there has not been a good explanation for this perplexing discrepancy.” – Judge Daniel Manion of the U.S. Court of Appeals, quoted by Patrick Goodenough in “Federal Judge concerned about small number of Christians among Syrian refugees admitted to U.S.” – Family Security Matters, Nov. 7th, 2016.

“Evidence is mounting that expressing even a mild opinion that runs counter to official government policy can land you in prison, or at least ensure a visit from your friendly local Kafkaesque police. Has Europe effectively become a police state?… Several European governments are making it clear to their citizens that criticizing migrants or European migrant policies is criminally off limits. People who go ‘too far,’ according to the authorities, are being arrested, prosecuted and at times convicted.” – Judith Bergman, “Europe: Let’s end free speech!” – Gatestone Institute, Nov. 17th, 2016.

“They withdraw from the multicultural process by locking themselves up from the outside world. Whether it is exemptions from music class for their children, or creating their own sharia-compliant silos, these fundamentalists insist on imposing their inflexible mores on others… Fundamentalists asserting these rights on the basis of Charter freedoms must assert whatever cultural identities they have within a common context and participate in the multicultural experience without reservation… To be candid, this is an Islamist issue. I see no devout Hindus, Sikhs, Jews or Christians seeking such far-reaching faith accommodations.” – Farzana Hassan, “Multiculturalism must be a two-way street” – Toronto Sun, Nov. 24th, 2016.

“ Moreover, members of the court, for me personally, freedom of speech is the only freedom I still have. Every day, I am reminded of that. This morning, for example. I woke up in a safe-house. I got into an armored car and was driven in a convoy to this high security courtroom at Schiphol. The bodyguards, the blue flashing lights, the sirens. Every day again. It is hell. But I am also intensely grateful for it… Just look at these past weeks: Moroccan fortune-seekers stealing and robbing in Groningen, abusing our asylum system, and Moroccan youths terrorizing entire neighborhoods in Maassluis, Ede and Almere. I can give tens of thousands of other examples — almost everyone in the Netherlands knows them or has personally experienced nuisance from criminal Moroccans. If you do not know them, you are living in an ivory tower.” – Geert Wilders, quoted by the Gatestone Institute in “Final statement of Geert Wilders at his trial”, Nov. 23rd, 2016.