Random Quotations – Dec. 17th, 2016

Five items in total…

“A dark wave is submerging democracies all over the Western world… It started in Britain, a land we always saw as the mother of democracy, the homeland of a particularly sensible people. It voted in a plebiscite to leave the European Union, that landmark of human progress which arose out of the terrible ruins of World War II… And now it is happening all over Europe. The far-far-right is making gains almost everywhere and threatens to get voted into power… Why, for God’s sake?” – Uri Avnery, “The call of the nation” – Jewish Business News, Dec. 9th, 2016.

“I’m in Ottawa because I am one pissed-off taxpayer… I want to get the public engaged. I want to help take our country back… Never have I seen such incompetence in a government. Justin Trudeau promised jobs to the millennials, and he screwed them… They’re still in their basements.” – Conservative leadership candidate Kevin O’Leary, quoted by Mark Bonokoski in “Mr. Wonderful comes to Ottawa, and he’s pissed off” – Toronto Sun, Dec. 12th, 2016.

“Oregon’s Hillsboro School District has censored Santa (not just Jesus) from the schools. But instead of telling the truth – it wants to limit the free speech rights of Christians at Christmastime – it says it is practicing diversity… The Utah Cultural Celebration Center, located in West Valley City, is home tonight to a ‘Trees of Diversity’ exhibit. It does not say what Diversity Trees look like, or why they are being substituted for Christmas trees. However, given that Diversity = Intolerance these days – especially at this time of the year – it hardly matters what they say. We get the point.” – William Donohue, “Diversity = Intolerance” – Catholic League, Dec. 5th, 2016.

“Last night, “Family Guy” on Fox featured a discussion about Jesus’ penis. Why is it that Muhammad’s penis is never a topic of conversation on this show? The birth of Jesus was mocked on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” but there was no ridicule of Hanukkah. Again, where’s the diversity in singling out Christianity?” – William Donohue, “Diversity = Intolerance” – Catholic League, Dec. 5th, 2016.

“Referendums are bad things to happen… (they) give people a chance to lash out at institutions – and they might.” – Justin Trudeau, quoted by Zi-Ann Lum in “Trudeau says he told Italian PM: referendums are bad things to happen” – Huffington Post, dec. 16th, 2016.