Toronto Police will now concentrate on “priority calls” only

“Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders says recommendations made earlier this year by the Transformational Task Force – aimed at modernizing the service – should start to be implemented by the end of January… Among the changes, officers will focus on priority calls rather than be bogged down by incidents where they are not needed and they will be ‘connected’ via electronic memo books, he explained… So far this year, there has been a 41% increase in shooting occurrences in the city from 2015, murders are up 25% and gun deaths have jumped 52%.” (Emphasis added).

The above is taken from Chris Doucette’s story “Big changes coming to policing in 2017: Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders” appearing in the Toronto Sun yesterday. (*)

Once again, our quality of life is being degraded by criminal elements imported primarily from Jamaica and other parts of the Caribbean.

In the past, if an immigrant failed, they would return to where they came from, but now, they breed like rabbits to ensure their continued entitlement to welfare and public housing. Because of this, Toronto now has a substantial underclass of criminally-minded unemployables living in the dangerous Third-World cesspools of violence and decay they have created – all supported by the long-suffering taxpayer.

Although such people manage to kill each other with gratifying frequency, we have now reached the stage where our very well-paid police officers, (a first-class constable earns approx. twice the average wage), will be providing the public with skimpy-to-non-existent service while they must concentrate on the hopeless task of cleaning up the never-ending mess caused by our government’s unwanted commitment to “diversity” and “multi-culturalism”.

We are way overdue for a massive and merciless correction, and I am putting my money on federal Conservative contender Kellie Leitch to bring about the drastic changes we so desperately need.

Toronto’s police chief Mark Saunders is Black, born in England of Jamaican parents. One would think that he, of all people, would realise the importance of turning off the immigration spigot as an essential part of addressing gun crime in Toronto.

In Jamaica, the police deliberately go out and pick fights with up-and-coming young criminals in order to kill them, thus saving themselves and the public a great many problems in the future.

That would not be acceptable here, but our “leaders” do need to tackle Canada’s immigration policies drastically and immediately, or the backlash could change the face of Canada for decades to come.

And that can’t happen soon enough, as far as I am concerned.

Jeff Goodall.

(*) – Read “Big changes coming to policing in 2017…” here.

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