Obama allows anti-Israel vote at the U.N. on settlements…

“In a striking rupture with past practice, the United States allowed the UN Security Council on Friday to condemn Israeli settlements in the West Bank and east Jerusalem as a ‘flagrant violation’ of international law. In doing so, the outgoing Obama administration brushed aside Donald Trump’s demands that the U.S. exercise its veto and provided a climax to years of icy relations with Israel’s leadership… And it could have significant ramifications for the Jewish state, potentially hindering Israel’s negotiating position in future peace talks. Given the world’s widespread opposition to settlements, the action will be almost impossible for anyone, including Trump, to reverse.” (*)

Well, two things here: Obama finally got something right, and we are reminded that Donald Trump is totally pro-Israel. That and his likely disdain for environmental concerns are serious negatives, but another four years of the Obama/Clinton Democrats would have destroyed what is left of the U.S. and set us up for a Muslim takeover and the inevitable barbaric destruction of Western Christian Civilization.
Some choice! But although Trump is in some respects a mixed blessing, he is way preferable to any current alternative. Hopefully we will get a truly Western-oriented world leader some time in the relatively near future…

But at least it’s a start.

Jeff Goodall.

Read “U.S. rebukes Israel, refuses to veto UN Security Council vote condemning settlements” here.