Random Quotations – Post-Election – Dec. 27th, 2016

Seven items in total…

“Left-wingers are laboring to delegitimize the incoming president because he is a Republican. Democracy isn’t working properly if it puts non-leftists in power, left-wingers reason, so all GOP chief executives must be vigorously opposed… Commie agitprop director Michael Moore is encouraging angry left-wing mobs to come to Washington, D.C., and riot in the streets of the nation’s capital on Inauguration Day in an effort to prevent or at least cast a shadow over Trump’s assumption of the powers of the presidency. The idea is to do as much damage as possible to Trump before he even gets sworn in.” – Matthew Vadum, “Russian hacking hysteria” – FrontPageMag, Dec. 13th, 2016.

“President Obama is over. He knows that. There are still some things that he can do before he leaves office, but everything except the most destructive, can be undone by his successor. The next phase of his campaign will not be fought from the White House. It will be fought against the White House… Organizing for Action gave him his own organizing hub. If Hillary had won, it would have been a pressure group. Now that Trump won, it’s an axis to build a personal counterrevolution around…” – Daniel Greenfield, “Obama plans to rule America outside the White House” – Sultan Knish blogspot, Dec. 16th, 2016.

“The public relations firm working behind the scenes with the faithless electors is rife with ties to prominent Democrats like President Obama and twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton… Megaphone Strategies, whose stated mission is to ‘use PR as a tool to diversify progressive movements,’ typically works with progressive causes like Black Lives Matter. The firm is representing the handful of ‘faithless electors’ trying to keep President-elect Donald Trump from winning the Electoral College vote…” – |Peter Hasson, “White House, Clinton tied to PR firm behind Electoral College push” – The Daily Caller, Dec. 13th, 2016.

“When we elected a sexual predator to the White House… I was given a message on that day that as a woman I am not safe in this country. For women of color, that threat is doubled, tripled. That was it for me. I just knew that I couldn’t sit here and do nothing.” – Activist Ann Massaro, quoted by Dayna Evans in “How a seasoned activist and a college senior came together to organize a major protest” – The Cut, Dec. 9th, 2016.

“The demoralization of the Democrats is, as Obama put it, an opportunity. Social chaos is a time for the left to overthrow and undermine traditional institutions. Fear, anger and despair are radicalizing. The left has always operated by throwing bombs and then profiting from the fallout. That’s Obama’s agenda. Having wrecked the country and the Democrats, he sees that not as a setback, but as an opportunity.” – Daniel Greenfield, “Obama plans to rule America outside the White House” – Sultan Knish blogspot, Dec. 16th, 2016.

“Just what we all need to ring in the Christmas season: Un-merry millionaire Michelle Obama belly-aching about the burdens and sacrifices of public life with billionaire Oprah Winfrey… For the past eight years, Obama has traveled to every corner of the planet on the taxpayers’ dime. She has splurged in Spain, traversed the Great Wall of China, tangoed in Buenos Aires, skied in Aspen, lolled in Martha’s Vineyard and feasted in Marrakesh. Thanks to her public position and celebrity, she has been bestowed ‘fashion icon’ status – donning a $12,000 custom-made Atelier Versace gown at her final State Dinner last month after enjoying two terms clad in Givenchy, Gucci, Jason Wu, Vera Wang, Caroline Herrera and other haute couture stars whose designs are unattainable to ordinary women in America.” – Michelle Malkin, “Michelle Obama’s Christmas lump of coal” – Toronto Sun, Dec. 22nd, 2016.

“There are at least six separate grounds requiring me to deny Plaintiffs’ Motion. Most importantly, there is no credible evidence that any ‘hack’ occurred, and compelling evidence that Pennsylvania’s voting system was not in any way compromised. Moreover, Plaintiffs’ lack of standing, the likely absence of federal jurisdiction, and Plaintiffs’ unexplained, highly prejudicial delay in seeking a recount are all fatal to their claims for immediate relief. Further, Plaintiffs have not met any of the requirements for the issuance of a mandatory emergency injunction. Finally, granting the relief Plaintiffs seek would make it impossible for the Commonwealth to certify its Presidential Electors by December 13 (as required by federal law), thus inexcusably disenfranchising some six million Pennsylvania voters. For all these reasons, I am compelled to refuse Plaintiffs’ request for injunctive relief.” – Extract from US District Court Judge Paul S. Diamond’s ruling dismissing Jill Stein’s request for a recout in Pennsylvania (Dec. 2016).