Some thoughts on 2017 and the year just gone…

Overall, I feel very positive about the year to come, and I think we can reasonably expect some significant improvements both in Europe and North America.

Back in June of 2016, in a post titled “The day Britain stood up and reclaimed its birthright…” I said: “The tide seems to be turning, and I feel that a Donald Trump presidency will be the next break-through for the White race.” (1)

Trump did indeed go on to win, I felt quite certain of it, and the “left” subsequently went into a hysterical, shrieking melt-down that has been putting a smile on my face for several weeks now.

But, it is important to remember that there are two major negatives associated with “The Donald”: Firstly he worships Israel, and secondly, he will likely be seriously bad news when it comes to the environment. And as I said on Nov. 9th while celebrating his victory, “…if he is allowed to live, we can reasonably assume that the globalists feel confident that he can be contained.” (2)

We can reasonably expect some significant improvements as Trump takes over the reins of power, but we must watch to see if they are genuine, or just merely cosmetic changes intended to provide a positive image while detracting attention from a continuation of globalist and other unwanted agendae.

And, sadly, the Trump campaign cost me my friendship with the still unknown “Mihael Willman” whose reports and analyses of Chinese infiltration into Canada, and the compromising of Canadian politicians and the theft of Canadian military and business secrets, will be sorely missed.

Mihaels’s last column was headed “More reasons not to vote for Donald Trump” posted on November 3rd, hot on the heels of “Reasons not to vote for Donald Trump” posted on November 1st. The final item “And even more reasons not to vote for Donald Trump” (a 5,000+ word monster) was more than I could handle, and I refused to post it.

As I said to Mihael by email at the time, “I support Trump, I have already posted two abusive articles by you out of respect for your writings on China, but that’s it. Get someone else to post this third rant, or get your own website. I feel that you are abusing me and our relationship.”

I wish “Mihael” well, and I hope that he/she will be able to continue writing about China elsewhere.

I just came across the word “Islamophilia” in a column by Fred Reed, (Fred On Everything), which I intend to use whenever possible, as it is a useful counter to accusations of “Islamphobia”.

Too many people give unquestioning approval to a religion which they do not understand, and “Islamophilia” is an excellent way to describe their unthinking, suicidal support for those who would convert, enslave, or kill us. Good work, Fred!

I am very happy indeed with Digger, I may have to answer for breaking my agreement to never remove his front claws, but I fail to see what else I could have done other than return him. Now he is happy, contented, and has a permanent home after being bounced around and returned so many times.

He sleeps on my lap, puts his paws up by my neck and rests his head on them to sleep sometimes, and purrs when I feed him. He usually sleeps on the bed, despite my need to turn over quite frequently as my legs and hips can still hurt even though I am long-past needing to take pain-killers, prescription or otherwise.

He is a really nice cat, but I must be careful though, as he seems to be getting a little bit pudgy. The only negative is that I am not able to play with him properly, although I have a laser which casts a red dot he loves to chase, and he comes running when I pick it up off the cabinet.

And there are other toys like a jumping spider my niece gave me years ago. I’m glad I didn’t throw it out when Deva died, that hit me very hard and I threw away a lot of nice toys and possessions of hers.

Beyond that, I now realise that I am enjoying the last useful years of my life, and that a sudden fall or malady can take away my freedom and independence.

My medical problems are under control or manageable, and things could be a lot worse. But I don’t know how much useful time I have left, and I really should start making a serious effort to write down my memoirs. That will inevitably dig into the time I have available for my posts, but so be it.

And that’s it for now, I think.

I have a reasonably good idea of what I should be doing over the next twelve months, and I wish the best to all those brave people who risk so much in order to try to awaken their White compatriots to the dangers we face. I have just started re-reading my copy of Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s book “Culture of Critique”, and I highly recommend it to those who want to know what is being done to us, by whom, and for what purpose.

Happy New Year!

Jeff Goodall.

(1) – See “The day Britain stood up and reclaimed its birthright…” here.

(2) – See “In your faces, you smug, self-righteous pig-farts” * here.

* Not my usual style, but I was thoroughly sick and tired of arrogant, dictatorial leftists whining about Trump by then. I could change it, but I’m going to leave it there to remind me of how viciously intolerant and censorial our political opponents are.