Random Quotations – Post-Election – Jan. 7th, 2017

Four items in total…

“Let’s not go into all the lead-ups to the most recent events that have shown the world quite obviously what happens when you match up a community organizer against a KGB colonel. It is no match, as the world has long suspected and now knows without question: that Democrat jackass in our White House has just had his haunches chewed to a pinkish political pulp by a nimble Russian Bear. Despots the world over are chuckling into their sleeves that this arrogant product of political correctness and its ugly stepchild, affirmative action, is now, in the very last weeks of his ruinous reign, finally getting his comeuppance in a totally satisfying public manner.” – Russ Vaughn, “Did a red bear just poop in the Oval Office?” – American Thinker, Dec. 31st, 2016.

“Admitting that the ‘segment of society’ who voted for Trump ‘frightens me,’ Muqtedar Khan, director of the University of Delaware’s Islamic Studies Program, ascribed his win to ‘myopia’ and ‘cultural insecurity.’… Reza Aslan, University of California, Riverside creative writing professor, tweeted hysterically, ‘Someone please tell me how I tell my kids that the president whose picture will soon be on their classroom wall hates them, wants them gone.’… University of Denver Center for Middle East Studies director Nader Hashemi bemoaned ‘the new white extremism in middle America,’ while accusing Trump of being ‘so radical and so extreme’ that ISIS is ‘celebrating’ his victory.” – Cinnamin Stillwell and Michael Lumish, “Trump terror within Middle East studies” – American Thinker, Dec. 13th, 2016.

“The hobbits or the deplorables had a great run in ’16… Everybody mocked them and ridiculed them, and now they’ve spoken. And I think ’17 is gonna be a very exciting year.” – Steve Bannon, quoted by Nolan D. McCaskill in “Bannon tells Breitbart: ‘Hobbits’ and ‘deplorables’ were key to Trump’s success” – politico.com, Dec. 30th, 2016.

“In a time of fear and uncertainty, college campuses and cities across the U.S. are vowing to fight back if president-elect Donald Trump tries to deport students and law-abiding community members who lack legal status… At Cornell University, in Ithaca, N.Y., more than 2,000 students and professors signed a petition asking the university to join other institutions and declare itself a sanctuary, or safe haven, for undocumented students… ‘I am frightened,’ said one literature student, who asked not to be identified for fear she could be deported. ‘But I am also encouraged to see people mobilizing and organizing and preparing for Trump to carry out his threat to deport millions of illegals’.” – Marina Jiminez, “Fearing Trump, a U.S. campus calls for sanctuary” – Toronto Star, Jan. 2nd, 2017.

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