Random Quotations – Post-Election – Jan. 9th, 2017

Five items in total…

“For eight years, the voices of what passes for morality on the left were utterly silent as the values of generations of Americans were flushed down the drain. Those Americans whose desires, experiences and values differed from the leftist elite were treated as worthless garbage, no longer necessary to the imminent liberal utopia, except as a source of revenue. Christianity was treated like a virus to be extinguished, or revised and controlled to accommodate leftist ideology. Speech that offended the shameless was branded as hateful, and those daring to openly object to the onslaught of vice and immorality were falsely smeared with every vile epithet the liberals could conjure.” – Jeffrey T. Brown, “Liberals Awake from 8-Year Moral Coma” – American Thinker, Jan. 7th, 2017.

“The Clintons have always claimed their family charitable foundation was able to raise so much money because, deep down, Saudi princes and Ukrainian oligarchs are really concerned about poor children in Haiti… It will be interesting to see if past Clinton Foundation donors will continue their generous giving in the years to come. Hillary’s shocking defeat in the presidential election means that no member of the Clinton dynasty currently holds, or is running for, a powerful government position.” – Andrew Stiles, “No Longer Selling Access, the Clinton Foundation Begs for Funds” – Heatstreet, Dec. 29th, 2016.

“Some $1 billion in trade presently flows between our borders on a daily basis, which also amounts to almost three-quarters of our nation’s total exports… This is no small potatoes… One has to wonder, therefore, what possessed Trudeau to stir the beast by announcing he would not be attending Trump’s presidential inauguration in 10 days when there is ample evidence that Trump does not take insults lightly.” – Mark Bonokoski. “Meryl Streep and Justin Trudeau, two elitists in a pod” – Toronto Sun, Jan. 9th, 2017.

“Trump is not acting like any of his predecessors, and while that is often held to be a criticism, it has had one important beneficial effect: unnerving overly confident Chinese officials who have become too accustomed to dealing with American presidents behind closed doors… Those officials find Trump’s effective use of Twitter utterly confounding… Take Trump’s soon-to-be counterpart, Xi Jinping. Xi has only one social media posting to his credit in his entire career, and that was posted to the account of a Party media outlet, the authoritative PLA Daily. Tellingly, Xi has no account of his own on Weibo, China’s Twitter-like service. China’s supremo, apart from on-high pronouncements, is not big on direct communication either.” – Gordon G. Chang, “Trump tweets, China retreats” – The National Interest, Jan. 6th, 2017.

“…Sen. Schumer now threatens to block any Supreme Court nominee Trump might pick, thus keeping the Scalia seat and any future vacancies permanently open… In truth, it’s Trump’s critics who are the extremists. Their real problem isn’t that Trump is dangerous or not mainstream. It’s just that he’s not one of them. So they’re going to block anything that’s not exactly what they want. That’s not a political approach worthy of a democracy. It’s what you would expect in Venezuela or Cuba… Of course, Trump has stepped on their toes. He’s had the audacity to nominate businessmen and women for cabinet posts, and he speaks of America as if he really loves the place. Why should that bother progressives? Because they detest capitalism, and they disagree with America First.” – Jeffrey Folks, “Progressives really are deranged” – American Thinker, Jan. 6th, 2017.

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