Congratulations to President Trump – and a word of caution

I was disgustingly pleased to watch the Donald Trump inauguration ceremonies on television, although I must admit that I switched off my TV when it was announced that a Rabbi was about to speak. I’m sure Jews have as much right as anyone to express their opinions about Trump’s election, but I am so used to Jewish opportunistic twisting of anything major that happens that the announcement switched me off as conclusively as it did my TV.

And perhaps this should turn me off Donald Trump as well, as his family’s Jewish connections are such that daughter Ivanka Trump had to obtain a special rabbinical dispensation to take a car home after dark on Friday (Sabbath) following the inauguration festivities in order to avoid the risk of walking home through Washington DC at night (1).  It is also worth noting that her husband, Jared Kushner, has been appointed Trump’s senior advisor…

Trump’s foreign policy will assuredly include massive, unquestioning support for Israel, including the murderous military occupation of the West Bank, and periodical massacres of hundreds of civilians in Gaza. Already, further construction has been announced in Jerusalem.

Trump also selected no less than four nominees with Goldman Sachs ties for prominent posts in his administration, thus subjecting himself to constant influence from the international bankers, who represent a significant part of the “elites” he claims to oppose (2).

And in addition, we can be absolutely certain that environmental issues will be trampled underfoot as Trump ploughs forward in the interests of immediate economic gain, without any regards whatsoever for the world we will leave to our descendants.

However, he has awoken and invigorated the White masses, who have suffered mightily under Barack Obama’s deliberate stirring up of racial problems.

And perhaps now the federal government will stop enforcing gender-mixing in school washrooms, and flooding the U.S. with unassimilable Muslim “refugees” and others.

Any efforts he makes in that direction will give solid ammunition to Canadians facing the same problems, and I am very thankful for these new possibilities. Now we must wait to see how successful he is in implementing his policies.

It will take years to get the public service working for the new President instead of against him, and that may well be the most serious problem he will face as he enters into what I hope will be his first term of office (3).

Here’s hoping for the future…

Jeff Goodall.

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