Random Quotations – January 25th, 2017

Five items in total…

“I coined the phrase (virtue signalling) in an article here in the Spectator in which I described the way in which many people say or write things to indicate they are virtuous. Sometimes it is quite subtle. By saying that they hate the Daily Mail or UKIP (UK Independence Party), they are really telling you that they are admirably non-racist, left-wing or open-minded… One of the crucial aspects of virtue signalling is that it does not require actually doing anything virtuous. It does not involve delivering lunches to elderly neighbours or staying together with a spouse for the sake of the children. It takes no effort or sacrifice at all…” – James Bartholomew of the Spectator, quoted by Jerry Agar in “No virtue in left-wing signals” – Toronto Sun, Jan 16th, 2017.

“New feminism has morphed into an anti-Western, anti-conservative ideology. It aims to undermine men – especially straight, white men – and fight against ‘the patriarchy,’ that is, the traditional institutions of society, like the family, marriage, religion and even the economy.” – Candice Malcolm, “The new feminism is a twisted ideology” – Toronto Sun, Jan. 24th, 2017.

“There is no doubt Trudeau broke rules and, worse, he broke his own – rules he laid down when first elected prime minister to give the illusion to the electorate that he was would be a prime minister where everything would be transparent and above board… Instead, Trudeau has now become the first PM to ever have the ethics watchdog sniffing him out… Add to this the cash-for-access fiasco, including Trudeau’s private dining in a Toronto mansion with Chinese billionaires connected to Beijing, and all of his claims of running a transparent government have been lost.” – Mark Bonokoski, “Hypocritical silence after Trudeau’s game of hide-and-seek” – Toronto Sun, Jan. 16th, 2017.

“Human beings have evolved to manage tasks serially rather than simultaneously. The significant degradation of our attention spans and precipitous increase in attention-deficit problems that we have already experienced are partly attributable to spreading our attention too thin. As the number of data inputs and options for mental activity continues to grow, we will only spread it further. So even as we have the tools to do what we need to, forcing our brains to behave well enough to get things done will become more and more of a chore.” – Vivek Wadhwa, “6 new technology rules that will govern our future” – Jewish World Review, Jan. 18th, 2017.

“Reddit is home to a flourishing community of edgy anarchists who speak openly about overthrowing the government. With the inauguration of President Trump, members of the forum have expressed a desire to escalate their protest actions to full-scale violence, calling for open warfare and terrorism… One poster suggested firebombing City Halls across the nation to bring the government to its knees… ‘Why not take it a step further?… Imagine if millions of people who showed up today had thrown rocks and Molotov cocktails at the city halls they gathered around. Imagine if that many people showed up and actually did something’.” – Ian Miles Cheong, “Reddit’s anarchists propose mass violence, riots and terrorism against the government” – Heatstreet, Jan. 22nd, 2017.