Perils of Diversity – February 5th, 2017

Eight items in total…

Pakistani immigrant used false persona to hire and pay fees to himself while working as an Ontario government bureaucrat

Indian immigrants face threatening charges for “scary road rage incident” – forced car to stop on major highway

Serial rapist from Malaysia sexually assaulted more than two dozen women in Toronto

“South Asian” charged with fraud for offering to “remove evil spirits” – for cash

Indian immigrant in Toronto has city-owned tree removed to accommodate “Vastu”, says “my experience has brought forth the entire true glory and majesty of multicultural Canada.. our Canada today is probably the last bastion of true cultural diversity”

Multiple Poppy Fund boxes stolen from stores by Turkish/Arabic man with previous “form” for threatening behaviour

Black Calgary police detective used police records to provide confidential information for personal gain

“Predatory Indian publisher” – which purchased Canadian medical journals – published fake “research” for cash, also charged by U.S. Federal Trade Commission for “deceiving authors through hidden charges”

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